Islamic Economics
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Dec 18th, 2019

Islamic Economics

Examines the literal fruit of Islamic economics, chiefly the disallowance on the reimbursement of profit (riba) and the mandatory tax on possessions (zakat) that aided the inconsiderable.

This brochure demonstrates that Islamic economics, affect choice economic arrangements, reflects a choice literal trial, and is contingent upon that literal trial for its consummation. Islamic economics, in feature, the brochure argues, has literally performed consummationful outcomes, but those consummationful outcomes are contingent upon the literal Islamic texture. The alter loose from this Islamic texture imminent in modernization, thus-far, nullifies the literal provisions that an telling Islamic economic arrangement requires. The brochure’s main points include but are not scant to: the literal derivation of the Islamic economic arrangement is established in the retinue dealing routes, the interchangeable affluence that began to elucidate the humanization, and that Islamic economics replaces the free-market dictatorial of maximization of singular advantage delay a collective impartiality dictatorial of combination and balance.
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