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Dec 18th, 2019


What does it take to make a greatband? Determination, dedicatation and lots of energy. Incubus has all three, asyou can tell by their live show. My entire band made the four-hour trip to anIncubus concert as payment for one of our performances.

As we rolled upto the Fargo dome, it was hard not to think of how much work it took for them toheadline their own tour. The concert opened with the band Hometown Hero. I wasnot impressed with their simple guitar riffs, elementary lyrics and odious stageperformance. Finally, though, it was time for real musicians. The wait wasamazingly suspenseful. I mean, this is “Incubus,” after all.

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Asthe lights dimmed, the frogs croaked, the moon rose and the five musicians cameout bursting into an energetic rendition of “Circles.” There’s no wayto explain how amazing this was. They played a variety of music off all threealbums. The encore began with solos from Mike Einzinger, DJ Kilmore and a vocalsolo from Brandon Boyd.

His solo showed just how versatile his voice is andproved that it is one of the greatest. Then they made their way into “TheWarmth” and “Aquarious Transmission.”

After the show I wasliterally speechless. Every time I started to talk all that could come out was”Oh my gawd!” All of us just sat there and stared at the stage untilthe security lady kicked us out.

If I had to pick one part of the show asa favorite, it would be during “Nowhere Fast” when the lights shone onus and Brandon pointed at us. You may wonder how we knew it was just us. Well, wewere the only people in the stands who were going crazy.

I think Incubusis the perfect role model for bands that want to have an original style. Nomatter what, they will not change their style for media.

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