In Times by Enslaved
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Dec 18th, 2019

In Times by Enslaved

Enslaved’s thirteenth album was released on Nuclear Blast Record’s live stream just a couple days ago Which features some of their best work. ENslaved is Norwegian Progressive Black Metal band that has been around as long as Burzum, Emperor and Mayhem but is better than most of the bands of the time. This colossal release includes 6 tracks in total spanning a length of 53 minutes. In other words, these tracks are long. It also includes the foretold single Thurisas Dreaming which is the track to kick off the album.

All of the songs here on this alum range from 8 minutes to 11 minutes, not much of a length span but the songs are long. Since the release of Below the Lights many people began flocking to this band and have stuck with them ever since. That statement truely shines with this amazing album. This album you really have to sit down in one sitting every time you listen to it.

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In Times by Enslaved
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For me the only flaw I find is that there isn’t enough black metal vocals in it but then again I’m just nitpicking and it does make it more accessable for those of us getting into the genre. I feel a strong, worthy contender for Number 1 at the end of this year. I just feel it in my heart.

As for the album rating it is a strong 9.5/10 making it a phenominal release in the books of heavy metal. Thank you and good night.

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