In order to choose an interesting topic for argumentative creative essays, answer the following questions:
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Dec 16th, 2019

In order to choose an interesting topic for argumentative creative essays, answer the following questions:

Before getting to the point on how do you write an argumentative essay, let’s first find out what the argumentative essay is. The argumentative essay is a genre of writing when a student is required to investigate a certain topic; gather, generate, and review the evidence; and set the topic on the specific theme in a compact form. Argumentative essays can be confused with expository essays. These two types are similar, but the argumentative essay has a volumetric pre-writing and involves some research. It is usually assigned to students as a final project and should contain a detailed and long research. Expository essays, on the other hand, are shorter and don’t require a lot of research. When writing an argumentative essay one needs to do an extensive research of previously published literature and materials. These kinds of assignments might also require some empirical research where a student gathers data through surveys, interviews, or experiments. A detailed study of the topic allows studying it from different points of view and choosing the position a student agrees with. If you still ask yourself «how do i write an argumentative essay », use our service to find writers who will help you implement various argumentative essays and other educational projects.

  • How many people can argue my opinion? What can they say?
  • Can my topic be addressed with «yes» and «no2 answers? (Look for the topic that requires more information).
  • On what facts can I base my argument (scholarly evidence, cultural standards, religion, morality, etc.)? (The research should be done in a high quality).
  • Is my argument specific enough?

The Structure of an Argumentative Essay:

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In order to choose an interesting topic for argumentative creative essays, answer the following questions:
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  • A clear and defined thesis definition in the first paragraph of an essay. In order to know how do you write an argumentative essay correctly, in the first paragraph you should set the context of your study in a general way. Then you need to explain the importance of the topic and why reader should care about it. After that, present a thesis definition (statement), which should be appropriately narrowed to the guidelines you are going to follow in your assignment.
  • Logical and clear transitions between the intro, main part, and summary. Transitions are very important in the foundation of argumentative custom paper. If you fail to present the logical progress of thought, a reader won’t be able to follow your argument and the whole structure of your project will be ruined. Transitions should summarize the idea that was covered in the previous section and introduce the issue that would follow in the next part.
  • Evidential support in main paragraphs. Each paragraph of your essay should be limited to one main idea. This will help you make your project clear and a reader will be able to follow your thought. All the paragraphs in the main part should be logically connected with each other and to the thesis statement in the intro part. You will need to support the statement with the evidence gathered. It is important to explain why and how the evidence supports the statement. Don’t forget to present different points of view on the topic. There should be one or two paragraphs devoted to the discussion of conflictions view on the topic. If you are still wondering how do you write an analysis essay, use our service with a huge database of writers to find the one for the implementation of your project.
  • Evidential support (statistical, logical, factual, or anecdotal). In order to know how do you write an argumentative essay in the correct format, you should present a well-researched, detailed, and accurate data that can support the thesis statement and take into account various points of view. Consider multiple points of view while gathering information. You should not exclude the facts that might not support your thesis.
  • A research summary that doesn’t restate the thesis, but readdresses it according to the provided evidence. This can be the hardest section of an essay. This section leaves the most immediate impression on a reader, that is why it must be written in a logical and effective way. Do not insert any new information in the summary. On the contrary, synthesize the data you have presented in the main part of your essay. Indicate why the topic is significant by reviewing the main points of your thesis. You can also include a brief discussion that can be studied later in the light of your project.

If you still don’t understand how do you write an argumentative essay, you can use a common approach of a five-paragraph essay, that will facilitate the assignment for you. This is a very effective formula for writing such types of essays. It is as simple as it sounds – it consists of five paragraphs: introductory paragraph, three main paragraphs with evidence, and conclusion.

What not to do when writing an argumentative essay:

  • Claim to be an expert of the topic.
  • Use such qualifiers as «I feel», «I think», «I believe», etc.
  • Use strictly religious or moral claims to support your argument.
  • Try to make others look bad. (If you want to understand how do you write an argumentative essay, don’t use such phrases, as «Mr. Brown doesn’t know what he is talking about – ignore him»).
  • Think the audience will agree with every point of your argument.

Instead, do the following in order to know how do you write an argumentative essay correctly:

  • Use expressive language.
  • Cite experts who agree with your opinion.
  • Present evidence, facts, and statistics that can support your position.
  • Provide reasons that can support your argument.
  • Address the opposing arguments and refute them.

In case you have any uncertainties on how do you write an argumentative essay, on our service you will find authors who will help you out with the implementation of your projects.

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