Importance Of Grammar In Communication British Language Essay
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Sentence structure
Dec 16th, 2019

Importance Of Grammar In Communication British Language Essay

Communication can be an integral part of human being activities. It’s the interaction between two or more people. According to Oxford dictionary, communication is thought as “the activity or procedure for expressing ideas and thoughts or of presenting people information”. In other words, it consists of the showing ideas and information between one person and other people.

Communication has various forms. Even though many people think of its varieties mostly as speaking and hearing, communication is a more complicated process. Tooley and Dingle (2007) provide a clearer classification. Corresponding to them, there are four main types that people used today, mainly: written, graphical, verbal and non-verbal. Each kind can also be subdivided into smaller parts. For example, written may contain literature, notes, letters. . . ; graphical includes drawings, sketches, movement charts. . . ; verbal can take the kinds of dialogues, lectures. . . ; non-verbal is approximately body gestures and sign language. . etc (p. 88-89).

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Importance Of Grammar In Communication British Language Essay
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Moreover, communication is a discovered skill. To express themselves well and effectively, people must learn how to communicate. This is mentioned by Dimbledy and Burton (1998) in their publication: “abilities such as chatting and writing are not natural. These are taght by parents, friends and schools” (p. 6). As a child, a person may figure out how to communicate by watching others’ actions and then imitating them. When he or she grows, it’s important to visit school where these are taught straight how to communicate because they can develop better communication skill which pays to for the coffee lover.

Good communication is very important in individuals life. Wiley and Sons (2002) contemplate it as “petrol in the matrimony engine unit”(p. 60). That is, if good communication is missed, other parts cannot work well and normally. This case is similar to individual life. People in a contemporary society are like parts in the relationship engine. They have got mutual close-knit relationships. They need everybody’s cooperation which is communication that connects them with one another. It is a vital component which brings lots of benefits.

The importance of grammar in communication

“Grammatical competence was a part of communicative competence” (Lock, 1996, p. 266). Therefore, to acquire a highly effective communication skill, people should pay attention to grammar anticipated to these following reasons.

First, grammar is very importance because it can help inhance accuracy. Marcel (1853) shows this aspect in his book. He clarifies how grammar develops correctness in communication as “it forms your brain to patterns of order and clearness; concurrently with reasoning and rhetoric, it accustoms learners to exactness of language, and hence, to precision of thinking”(p. 424). This means grammar rules can help learners develop a habit of considering logically and plainly. Therefore, after learning grammar, they will become more appropriate when using terms.

In addition to accuracy and reliability, Ellis also says that sentence structure learning can make the internalization of syntactic system become easier. Hence, it increases the introduction of fluency (Hinkel and Fotos, 2002, p. 10). When a person has discovered grammar, it will be far easier for him to obtain other grammar guidelines afterwards compared to those who have never learned before. See your face will learn how to organize and express the ideas in his mind without difficulty. Because of this, he will be able to speak, read or write a words in a soft and skillful way.

Second, a proper use of grammar is an indicator of admiration, both for speakers and listeners (Clack, 2010). For speaker systems, speaking obviously means they take time to polish themselves with a good impression from the listeners. A person with a poor grammar skill can develop negative impression on the first time meeting which may last for a long time. For listeners, an effective use of sentence structure demonstrates their thought can be involved. Speakers do not need them to spend your time trying to figure out what they say.

The problems facing grammar use today

In sum, we cannot deny the value of sentence structure in communication. Nevertheless, today there are still some problems facing grammar use. Clark (2010) highlights one of these which is: “as the entire world becomes more technologically inclined, good grammar seems to go directly to the sideway. People, used to taking shortcuts with the help of new technology, also take shortcuts with grammar”. Nowadays, some individuals seem to get used to the fast and modern life. Everything should be brief and short. With all the development of interpersonal network and technology, people become grammatically lazier. When texting, using Facebook, Myspace or Twitter, they have a tendency to use phrases that are as simple as possible. Moreover, they also use fragments of phrases. For them, sentence structure is unneccessary so long as what they say is understandable. Nevertheless, this often triggers misunderstanding among viewers Therefore, to conquer this problem, educating grammar should be paid more attention in classrooms.

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