Importance of English in today’s world Essay
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Dec 14th, 2019

Importance of English in today’s world Essay

So what is English? It is nothing but a means of communication via reading/writing or speaking something. It has become so popular these days that it has left behind its counterparts like French and Chinese very much behind. It might not be the most spoken “native language” in the world, but it is the most spoken second language in the entire world. it acts as a lingua franca or what we call a language bridge across nations. People from two different communities, countries, religion or category which might not share the same language always have access to English to converse their views, thoughts, ideas and can come over the burden of different languages.

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Importance of English in today’s world Essay
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So why speak English? Well… its a self answered question. If you don’t speak English in today’s competitive world you’ll be left behind in the jobs’ sector and in almost every other scenario of life. You won’t be able to put forth your thoughts anywhere which’ll result in you losing your job as well as your life.

Yes English is the link to survival these days. Even if you want to converse with anyone in any part of the world, English is the answer. If you can’t talk, read, write or type in English how’d you be able to put forth your ideas in front of the other person sitting next to you or in other part of world. How’d you be able to build your confidence without conversing your ideas properly.

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So now I’ve learnt Engliash, what should I do now? Gain vocabulary and practice to make your English fluent. The more you practice, the better it’ll get. As it is already said, “Hard Work has no substitutes, no shortcuts and no giveups!” For starters stand in front of a mirror and converse something to yourself as if you’re giving a speech on a stage in front of an audience. You’ll be able to invigilate yourself where you stand and what else needs to be done to make it even better.

If you want to do something in life, stop reading these kind of articles, get outside and have some fresh air and start writing your own views just like this one. Then only you can be a successful person in life. If you continuously depend on others points how would you able to define yours personality? How would you ever be a successful person in life? Whats my point of writing all these things? I not only want to share my views on such an important topic but I want the readers to be encouraged after reading this. I’d be glad if i can strike anyone’s mind even for a briefest moment.

So I’d like to conclude by saying that it is never too late to get up and start doing something new. it’ll make you better only and it’ll help to make friends and get along with life

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