Images and Words(1992) by Dream Theater
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Dec 18th, 2019

Images and Words(1992) by Dream Theater

The first successful album from the gods of progressive metal music. Yet it is their second album. Well, anyways, Dream Theater is a progressive metal band out of New York which always features at least five people in each album. This was where their first single, Pull Me Under, came to be, the vocalist James LaBrie has come into the band and stayed and Kevin Moore`s last full album before Jorden Rudess came into the group as well. The definitive turning point of their career. Get ready, for Images and Words.
As Dream Theater grew there seems to have been many changes and mind you, this was back in the golden age of Dream Theater. Sure, Awake, this or Metropolis 2 are considered some of the best of Dream Theater but this was a time where there was a vocal change, keyboard change, and the delay to the shall I say, bad album of `97 with Infinity of Thoughts.

The album its self is the normal eight tracks but this time around, under an hour. This is the same album with gems like Pull Me Under, Under A Glass Moon, and Metropolis Part 1. Everyone knows those tracks and frankly, most of us like all three of the ones I mentioned above. Though with other songs like the jazzy Take The Time where they even went Pink Floyd and included a saxophone, Wait For Sleep which is beauty in two minutes and the epic track(which I can’t remember). No song on here is weak and all have some sort of replay factor that can never get old. One minor problem is the abrupt ending in Pull Me Under(you know you complain about it too, don’t deny it). But everything else is, and I quote, “pearfect.”
One of the absolute classics from one of the greatest prog bands of all time. I give this album a 9.5/10. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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Images and Words(1992) by Dream Theater
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