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Nov 19th, 2019

IJITEE_paper_monali-converted (2) Essay

International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering (IJ ITEE )

ISSN: 227 8-30 75, Volume -X, Issue -X


Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication Retrieval Number: XXXXXXXXX

Abstract : Electric manners are increasing day by day owing of

its low battery require and amiable-natured-natured battery volume compared to other

technology. Increasing automotive enlargement in electric manners so

increases the automation to use it.Graphical User Interface for

electric manners delay a unmeasured -blown affect palliate get beseem more

facile to use delay t he commencement of unswerving charging st ations.


approach pretextn to set-up HMI use Texas Instruments kit and CCS

software. The TM4C123GH6PM ruleors p rovide scalability it

so gets opposed ruleing hurrys concurrently delay harmonious

software to set-up low – to lofty -end contacts, and prov ides

connecti vity delay manifold peripherals required for EVSE HMI,

such as comprehensive anachronistic receiver/transmitter (UART) and

CAN. Concurrently delay this ruleor affect palliate spread-out K350QVGA

(Texas Instruments) is used to examination the output palliate .

Index Term s: Rational Means Interface, Jurisprudence Composer

Studio, Texas Instruments.


The bargain for electric manners (EV’s) is emerging where

the attention is loftyer than continually precedently (Office of Energy

Effic iency & Renewable Energy, 2016) [1]. The global

act ivity about EV’s is increasing due to the struggle of

reducing greenhouse gases (NASA, 2016), as courteous as car

batteries are getting more prolific than precedently The EV’s on

the bargain are today abounding delay a length that is ceaseged into

the car. The denying aspects delay the length is that it reacts

badly to altering temperature and air temperatures, as courteous as if

forgetting to cease -in; the car get be forceless.

As the calculate of EV is increasing day by day on the other

hand charging ask-for so increases . H ence , the charging

infrastructure as courteous as prolific Inductive Force Transfer

(IPT) scarcity to familiar to encounter such requirement for

sub stantial exercise of the EVs. For occurrence, in [2] the

United States (US), and Bhutan has captured start to set-up

cha rging occupations in opposed regions to get facile charging

services and aid the enlargement of electric manners.

The inductation of charging occupations get add advise on the

force grid, and the lofty charging advises of unswerving EV cha rging

stations get degr ade the arrangement network and its

operating parameters . The uncoordinated charging of EV’s

get divest the voltage characteristic, peak advise during EV

charging and some of the harmonic distortions. Delayed

Charging so gets some consequences homogeneous to

uncontrolled Charging.

In the industrial automation rational -means interaction plays

an deep role, the user interface is the rule where

interaction betw een rationals and meanss takes establish [ 2].

The greater sight of user means interaction in rational mach ine

interface is efficacious exercise of means and facile regulate of

means and feedback/status of exercises from the means

which emblemals the operator to frame opposed exerciseal

decisions pleasantly.

In other repress, The HMI gives facile way to intera ct delay

means by using its teaching coding expression and get our

work done by means. It so gets how constrainedware and

software schemes can be intended to enlarge the rational

control. HMI products are familiar to frame means

exercise facile, by produci ng optimal outputs. Precedently HMI

was introduced it involve the Batch Interface, Command Line

User Interface, and the Graphical User Interface (GUI) for

industrial automation contacts, which is used nowadays in

HMI spread-out panels to frame user social sys tem.

HMI regulate panels of any scheme involves

(1) The pushbuttons and regulate rushs

(2) The basis handler

(3) Opposed LED’s and trifling indicator .

This disquisition principally rendezvous on set-uping graphical user interface

for electric manner charging occupation. Numerous approaches to

set-up GUI is discussed in succeeding individuality. Final i mplementation

is carried using Jurisprudence Constructor S tudio IDE and constrainedware kit

from Texas Instruments. This Graphical User Interface

provides basic exercise required to entrust EV delay opposed

optio ns for charging or acquittal to the user. Moreover this

contact can be elevate used delay inconstant contact to

body the charging slot or quest for unhindered charging occupation

nearby etc.


Graphical User Interface for Electric Vehicle

Charging Station

Prof. Dr. S.P.Ugale, Monali T. Mandlik , Prof . Dr. D.M.Chandwadkar

Graphical User Interface for Electric Manner Charging Station


Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication Retrieval Number: XXXXXXXXX

A. 40V -96V DC Alert Nag for TATA EV,

Mahindra Reva , continuallyito and E2O from MassTech .

Fig. 1. HMI spread-out palliate of DC charging occupation of MassTech

MassTech DC charging occupation is principally uses SETQCY

series for unswerving charging of electric manner .IP54 type is

used to artfulness the produ ct and induct delay waterproof and

dustproof. This DC unswerving charging sta tion has charging

interface, rational -means interface, scheme despatchs,

billing and ot her ability, modular artfulness, inductation is facile ,

weak oper ation and livelihood , and the cha rger delay the

use of electric manners outdoor DC unswerving entrust conceptional exquisite .


B. GT -PQ 45K 450 -12 by Electway

Fig. 2. HMI spread-out palliate of DC charging occupation of Electway

DC entrustr bestow delay the CHAdeMO technology to

entrust EV.opposed protocols are used to publish

among off consideration conductive entrustr a nd battery

administration scheme to encounter the CHAdeMO 0.9 statement. The

nag may publish delay battery administration scheme

(BMS) of the electric car , it may exhaustive charging according

to the despatch of the BMS.

C. EVlink alert charging occupations from Schneider


Fig. 3. HMI spread-out s creen of Schneider Electric DC charging occupation

The overchief fig. pretexts the EVlink alert charging occupations delay

50 kW charging force. This charging occupation allows manners

compa tible delay this statement to reentrust the EV in short than 20

minutes. Depending on the options selected, EVlink alert

charging occupations exhibit the subjoined functions [10].

1. User -charging occupation dialog: affect palliate or palliate delay

keypad for spread-outing the residual entrust and there charging

set point

2. Charging administration

3. Socket locked during charging

4. Emergency bar rush.

5. Basis transmission: Wired junction (Ethernet TCP/IP)

or wireshort junction for transmitting basis about

operation, s tatus, activation/deactivation of the charging

station, etc.

6. Bank card pay occupation, profitable to assist opposed countries.

7. Authorized user RFID tag reader: manag ement of the inventory of

authorized users by foreign server .

D. Comparison of Phi Hong EV DC Entrust rs

E. Comparison of opposed Affect T echnology

International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering (IJ ITEE )

ISSN: 227 8-30 75, Volume -X, Issue -X


Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication Retrieval Number: XXXXXXXXX


• ARM Cortex -M4 micro -controllers is the central

processor to push out opposed exercises and

provides top achievement as courteous as integration delay

opposed constrainedware delay gorgeous despatch characteristics.

Many inbuilt modules which gets gorgeous HMI

contact is involved in TI Tiva C -series cortex M4

ruler [6]. this regulateler has Ethernet regulateler


• HMI consideration involves 7 TFT LCD delay

Capacitive/Resistive Affect Pa nel. it can feel parallel

interface of 16 bit or strong upto 24bit. Features of

spread-out palliate involve 7” bigness delay 262k varnishs,

resolution of 800X480, this regulateler has inbuilt

LCD interface regulateler which reduces artfulness


• In HMI communicat ion protocol is deep for real

time contact hereafter Ethernet can be used for such

purpose. It allows you to embody and publish

delay one or multiple HMI or among HMI and any

PLC’s introduce on the scope.

• To husband the HMI basis USB Host or USB OTG c an be

used to accumulation basis in Pen force or any constrained force. This

consideration has two USB air delay 480Mbps is

USB 2.0 and other USB OTG supports opposed

types of basis assign.


A. Tiva TM4C129XL Launchpad

The Tiva C Seri es Evaluation Consideration TM4C129GXL has

ARM Cortex M4 as the deep is low require platform

for manifold contacts. The Tiva Launchpad involves

TM4C123GH6PMmicrocontroller,USBinterface( 2.0),motio

n regulate PWM so involves user rushs and

LED(RGB) that can be programmed according to the custom

application. The Evaluation consideration has two stackable chiefers

(40pin booster throng embodyor) that is used to interface the

opposed Booster throng promptly. There is no scarcity of any

external wire interfac e for such booster throng and other

peripherals. Debug USB air on proper margin of consideration is used for

program debugging.USB micro embodyor is used to embody

consideration delay the scheme.

Fig. 4. TIVA Evaluation consideration

B. Affect Palliate Display

Fig. 5. BOOSTXL -K350QVG -S1 BoosterPa ck

The K350QVGA spread-out is a booster throng from TEXAS

Instruments which can be promptly used delay any Launchpad

or evaluation is facile to use and facile to cease in

module. This module can be promptly used delay

microruler to enlarge contacts w hich scarcitys affect

palliate varnish spread-out for spread-outing output has

resistive affect palliate. The basic characteristics of this spread-out is

listed under, involves,

Key Features: –

1. Kentec TFT LCD (bisect calculate: K350QVG -V2 -F)

2. Spread-out Bigness of 3.5 -inch QVGA

3. Resolution of 320?240

4. Despatch (SPI)

5. Resistive Affect S creen (4 wire)

6. White LED backtrifling delay forcer circuit

7. It is harmonious for use delay 20/40 pin hurl pads

Graphical User Interface for Electric Manner Charging Station


Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication Retrieval Number: XXXXXXXXX


Fig. 6. CCS IDE Window

• TI’s Microruler a nd Embedded Processors

supports Jurisprudence Constructor Studio as IDE .

• Manifold embedded contacts can be familiar an d

debug using opposed tools of Jurisprudence Composer

Studio. Tools of CCS involves an optimizing C/C++

compiler, commencement jurisprudence editor, device set-up

environment, characteristicr, debugger and numerous other


• This IDE gets amiable-natured-natured trudge by trudge user interface

starti ng from program set-uping to debug interface.

This characteristic allows user to get easier and unswervinger start

to set-up any contact.

• Jurisprudence Constructor Studio has two advantages of Eclipse

software and debug capabilities of embedded to feel

gorgeous enlargement environm ent for enlargeers.


Fig. 7. Tentative Setup for Implementation

The overchief fig. pretexts the tentative setup for this

contact device. The affect palliate spread-out from Texas

Instruments is used to prepassage results.TM4C123GH6M

Launchpad is use d to interface this spread-out. Coding is to be

done using jurisprudence constructor IDE which gets a better

solution for Texas kit to be abundantly interfaced and use for any



International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering (IJ ITEE )

ISSN: 227 8-30 75, Volume -X, Issue -X


Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication Retrieval Number: XXXXXXXXX


Fig. 8. Spread-out palliate output on K350QVGA affect scree n

The overchief fig.shows some of the output palliate spread-out that

get be used at electric manner charging occupation. Code

constructor studio is used for coding and artfulnessing of graphical

user window.


This disquisition introduced the set-uping of rational means

interface using Texas regulateler and jurisprudence constructor studio

and so segregation of HMI palliate fixed on opposed segregation

criteria from opposed manufactures. The attainment activities

showed that resistive affect is best for this contact hereafter

K350QVGA t ouch palliate is used to examination the spread-out output.

Code constructor studio gets a amiable-natured-natured interface delay Texas

instruments kit and booster throng which frames the artfulness

more weak and facile to use .


1. Juan Liu,” Request and Implementation of Electric V ehicle Unswerving Charging Occupation Parking Guidance Scheme fixed on Inconstant Terminal”, 2017 9th Interdiplomatic Conference on Intelligent Rational -Machine Systems and Cybernetics, 978 -1-5386 -3022 -8/17 $31.00 © 2017 IEEE. 2. Nishu Patel, Ekata Mehul,” Low En d Rational Machin e Interface (HMI) Spread-out using ARM Cortex M4 Fixed Controller”, IJSTE – Interdiplomatic Journal of Expertness Technology & Engineering | Volume 1 |Issue 12 June 2015 ISSN (online): 2349 -784X. 3. Petr CHLEBIS, Martin TVRDON, Ales HAVEL, Katerina BARESOVA, “Compari son of Type and Unswerving Charging Methods for Electric Vehicles,” Portion of Electronics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, VSB –Technical University of Ostrava, 17. Listopadu 15, 708 33 Ostrava -Poruba, Czech Republic VOLUME: 12, NU MBER: 2 2014JUNE. 4. Chris Fill yaw , Jonathan Friedman, and Sameer M. Prabhu,”Creating Rational Means Interface (HMI) Fixed Tests delayin Model -Based Design”, 2007 -01-0780. 5. Marjan Gjelaj, Chresten Tr?holt, Seyedmostafa Hashemi, Peter Bach Andersen ,” Optimal De emblem of DC Unswerving -Charging Stations for EVs in Low Voltage Grids”, Portion of Electrical Engineering Technical University of Denmark – Copenhagen, Denmark. 6. 7. www.phihong.c . 8. 9. 10. -car-charging -occupation -for-electrivehicle/evlinkchargingstation.


Prof. Dr. Sunita Patil (Ugale) is instituted as an Associate Professor in Electronics and Teledespatch Engineering portion of K. K. Wagh Institute of engineering Advice and investigation, Nashik, Maharashtra gone decisive 20 years. She pursued Bachelor of electronics engineering from the K. K. Wagh Institute of Engineering advice and investigation. She has exhaustived her M. Tech in Electronics Artfulness Technology from DOEACC, Aurangabad and her Ph. D. fro m S.V. National Institute of Technology, Surat. Her specific scopes of attention involve Fiber Optics Communication, Optical Sensors and VLSI technology. She has published more than 50 disquisitions in manifold National and Interdiplomatic Journals and conferences. Sh e is instituted as a reviewer for manifold interdiplomatic journals and conferences.Dr. Patil has published 3 bodys titled “Electrical Circuits & Machines” February 2005 by Central Techno Publication, Nagpur, Fiber Optical Communication: Systems and Components”, 1st ed., Wiley India,(2012) and Fiber Optical Communication: Systems and Components”, Precise passage body for AKU, Wiley India,(2014). She bagged “Lady Engineer Award” from Institution of Engineers’ (India) – Nashik in 2008.She has worked as B oard of Studies part of Electronics Engineering for Pune University. She has common request bestow from Portion of expertness and technology of India, DHI New Delhi and BCUD . Monali T. Mandlik is a Student of Masters of Engineering (VLSI and Embedde d Syst em) at K.K.W.I.E.E.R Nashik, India . Dr. Dinesh M. Chandwadkar is a Professor and chief of E & TC Portion at K. K. Wagh Institute of Engineering Advice & Research, Nashik, India. His area of attention involves Signal Processing, Force Electron ics, Mechatronics, and Automotive Electronics etc. He has published numerous request disquisitions in reputed Journals. He is instituted as Consideration of Studies part of Electronics and Teledespatch Engineering for Pune University. He is instituted on a request projec t “

Technology Pilot for DC charging of EV Bus”, funded by, DHI New Delhi .


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