I want you by Kings of Leon
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Dec 18th, 2019

I want you by Kings of Leon

The Life of me
(Text-to-Self Comparison)

The life I live is greatly represented by the song “I Want You” by: Kings of Leon. There are many examples of why this song represents my life and means so much to me. Later in this essay I will tell you about the quotes of the song that mean the most to me and why they do.

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I want you by Kings of Leon
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The first part of the song that means a lot to me was “Fickle freshman, probably thinks he’s cooler than you”. This quote in the song was important to me because I spend a lot of time at one of my friends, Nicholes house. Their house like my second home. Even though I am by far the youngest I don’t act like I am lower than them. For example I am the like freshman but act and fit in with the seniors. An example of me not acting like a freshmen is when we drive somewhere me and my friend Nichole always have to fight over who called shotgun first which I think exemplifies how me being like a freshman doesn’t have an effect on what I do.

This event is represented also by the line in the song “I call shotgun, you can play your R&B tunes”. We always fight over shotgun because who ever sits in front is who gets to chose and play the music which is why the R&B tunes is an important part in this event.

The friends that I am always with have also been family friends for all my life. For a few years I didn’t see them so when we started talking and hanging out again they were always thinking of me as a baby but I don’t look like a baby anymore. I have “freshened up“. This part is represented by the quote “Freshened up from baby face”.

The quote “Get back on track, pick me up some bottles of booze”, represents what we do on a daily basis. The one that says to us, “get back on track” would be Nichole’s mom. We do have many adventures and sometimes loose track of what time it is. Jamie, Nichole and I are usually on a schedule whether its picking up her sister from school at 4:30, or picking up her aunt from work at 12:00, or even having to run to the store to buy something that her parents ask for.

“I want you, just exactly like I used to” tells about how I wasn’t around them for the few years but before that we were close and very good family friends when I was a kid. Now we want to be again and are really good friends again if not better friends than before. This is also related to the quote “everyone’s coming around”. I thought this quote was important to me because I treat their house like a second home and everyone is coming around to me being there and around them all of the time. When I don’t go over or I am not around they all wonder where I am at and why I am not over at my second home.

There are many other quotes and things I could pull from this song to compare to my current life and what I do everyday. I think what this song represents to me the most is about my best friends who I spend almost all of my time with. Who I share a home with, but most of all the ones that bring me happiness in my life and are the reason why I get out of bed everyday. Friends are what make my life worth living.

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