I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Analysis Essay
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Nov 28th, 2019

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Analysis Essay

“I Comprehend Why the Caged Bird Sings” is an autobiography written by Maya Angelou. She describes encirhold her dense identicality “caged” growing up as a sombre miss from the South. Maya Angelou starts the upstart encirhold her identicality in the age of three delay her four-year-old match Bailey. They are crusty balance the prudence of their hereditary granddame in Stamps. She describes how the two manifestation were sent abroad exceeding they parents’ disconnect, traveling by retinue resisting the Southwestern and hold to their tag “To whom It May Concern”, c/o Mrs Henderson.

Twain kids are looking this approve repudiation and detriment of wilful-worth. “I’m substance sent abroad accordingly I’m no lovable”. Angelou generalizes the manifestation situations as follows: “Years following I discovered that the United States had been crossed thousands of durations by cowardly Sombre manifestation traveling singular to their newly gorgeous parents in Northern cities, or sombre to grandmothers in Southern towns when the civic North reneged on its economic promises.

” (Caged Bird, 4). Smith avers that Maya opens delay a undesigning sliphood spectacle that brings into standsubject-stuff the structure of the imprisoning environment from which the wilful conquer prosecute abscond. The sombre miss slip is trapped delayin the immure of her own impaired wilful-image environing which snarl the bars of regular and gregarious forces. (Interpretation, 6)

Her grandmother’s abunleap is the consciousness of identicality in the Negro fraternity of the town, substance the pick-up and drop-off subject-stuff for cotton pickers in galaxy suitableness. Her granddame Henderson is presented not simply as the main role in consciousness of her nativity, but as the director of the sombre fraternity in Stamps, jurisdictionful and devout. McMurry argues that from Maya’s eyes the customers in her grandmother’s abunleap were trapped in cotton fields, no whole of prospect and employment to get them out. Her uncle Willie is immured “must possess been fatigued of substance aged, as prisoners bore of penitentiary bars and the mixed bore of blame”. Her granddame rises each dawning delay intelligence of a immured fleshly (Interpretation, 27).

Maya and her match Baily were very sudisburse during their sliphood and most of their boy. Maya in her romance writes, “During these years in Stamps, I met and bare in charity delay William Shakespeare. He was my pristine innocent charity” (Caged Bird, 11). Maya writes that “But it was Shakespeare who said, `When in taint delay luck and men’s eyes. It was a aver delay which I felt mywilful most well-acquainted. I pacified mywilful encirhold his innocentness by proverb that exceeding all he had been heavy so crave that it couldn’t stuff to anyone any balance”. She as-well enjoys the employments of divers eminent sombre authors, which her Momma, or grandmother, approves balance of. Although boyish Maya approves Shakespeare, and is finished delay the truth that he is innocent, her Momma wouldn’t nonproduction to comprehend that Maya enjoys a innocent man’s employment. Maya feels that she repeatedly is “caged” and can’t specific her cares and consciousness encirhold Shakespeare delay grandmother.

Angelou recalls how Momma used to construct them purifiedse and lave constantly, plain in self-possessed water in wintertime. She used to stand on them substance reverential and purified, which most crowd were, bar for the “powhitetrash” manifestation that came into the town. Those that came to the abunleap were repeatedly very churlish, but boyish Maya and her nativity are not recognized to say totalthing, accordingly they are sombre. Angelou describes her Momma; she is lofty, big, and jurisdictionful, and leads in the hymns at temple total Sunday. She is quaint, though, as she teaches the manifestation to bepossess as she was to bepossess as a slip, and teaches them to act according to outdated racial codes of demeanor. Carol Neubauer comments in Angelou’s analogy delay her granddame avers that “Momma beseems a sign of superwoman of gross proportions delay ten feet lofty delay prospect-foot arms” and ends to the luckless slip’s liberate. In this halt prospect, Angelou switches to fantasy to propose the profoundness of the slip’s humiliation and the balance of refusal plain exceeding her two bad teeth possess been pulled. Fantasy, finally, is used to reveal the undimin­ished jurisdiction of the sign of Momma.

The recession hit the fraternity and the big unlikeness betwixt the innocent and sombre communities of Stamps is noted; innocent crowd possess plenty of housings and can confer to be peel and disburse too ample, and allay they possess plenty for themselves. In the sombre fraternity, crowd can densely confer to concede totalobject abroad, so when they do, it is ample appreciated. Plain though Momma has plant and specie, plain she doesn’t disburse specie approve the innocent crowd do, budgeting prudencelargely and never dry-rot totalthing. Plain Momma constructs all of the housings for herwilful and the manifestation, and simply buys Uncle Willie rich, ready-made housings and shoes. The discouragement hits Stamps, and leads to stipend substance cut and inaptitude making ends unite. That as-well instrument that they can’t confer to treasure at the abundance, and Momma has to emblem out how to obey the abunleap ordinary and allay construct specie. She allows the townscrowd to employment the deliverance arrive that they get for assurance at the abundance, and is talented to obey objects going there. The enbore “sombre fraternity of Stamps” Smith argues, itwilful “caged” in the gregarious truth of racial inferiority and weakness (Modern Critics, 133)

Christmas ends, and Maya and Bailey get presents from their parents, who they hadn’t heard of gone they were shipped off to Stamps. Maya and Bailey’s senior ends to Stamps the contiguous year, to see his manifestation; neither of them were warned that he was hereafter, and it is dense for them to aspect their senior in the flesh and concede up the fantasies they had encirhold their lukewarm senior. He is lofty and graceful, and balance identical and rich than the crowd in Stamps. Maya is lucky that he is there, but then fancys that if crowd see her and her senior unitedly, their original in looks conquer construct crowd fancy she is not his daughter. When they finally do unite their dame, she is very pleasing and attract, and Maya and Bailey are no craveer laconic or sad at substance enslaved abroad from Stamps. Saint Louis is the weighty rounding subject-stuff in Maya’s identicality. She certain the dame’s charity and prudence that she missed all the years in Stamps. Maya doesn’t possess friends and simply Bailey is the simply one she can distribute her mysterious.

Maya writes “Saint Louis was a extraneous country. In my memory I simply arriveed in St. Louis a few weeks” and “I carried the corresponding pat that I used in Stamps: “I didn’t end to arrive.” (Caged Bird, 58). In Saint Louis, dame’s boyfriend, Mr. Friedman profaned Maya at age of prospect and she hospitalized. Maya describes that she looked at Mr. Freeman as a “senior emblem”. He was the simply veritable man that was a portio of her identicality. Substance at a boyish age she care that Mr. Freeman proper charityd and prudenced for her, proper approve any illiberal miss would. But it went farther Mr. Freeman plaintually forces her to possess sex, and threatens her not to report anybody. Ultimately, Maya was true that by her reporting totfragmentary encirhold Mr. Freeman raping her, ultimately condemning him and mendacious encirhold the other durations he molested her, she caused his fall. Thinking that now total duration she lies, someone conquer die, Maya flows to pat others by not expressive to anyone bar Bailey. “I had discovered that to complete ripe identical allay all I had to do was to apply mywilful leechapprove to probe. I began to heed to totalthing. I probably prospectd that exceeding I heard all the probes the globe would be allay environing me” (Caged Bird , 87). The noncommunication of probe in Maya’s identicality due to the profane and lies she said inferior oath had beend the most weighty object to her. Her identicality now became the probe of totfragmentary else, burying the probe she believes can kill; her own effect. Maya’s congruity is undesigning and she is very proper. Bertolino avers that Angelou’s patronymic of her dejection and profane is probably the most valutalented portio of her remarktalented bulk. Angelou reports the romance properly, delayout sensationalism, yet delay plenty palptalented component and plenty instinct so we, the readers, potentiality to inferiorstand. (Bloom’s Note, 56)

After these difficulties, Maya and her match went at Stamps. Smith argues that Maya’s subjective and moving desolation meet a consider in Stamps’ gregarious desolation. Stamps concedes her end the well-acquaintedity and assurance of well-known immure. She climbs end in happily, losing herwilful in her still globe, producing herwilful to her own infirmity. (Modern Critical Views, 9). Mrs Bertha Flowers played an weighty role in her identicality. Mrs. Flowers recognized Maya to end out of her discouragement and recognizeing encirhold divers incongruous objects. Mrs. Finferior helped Maya to end out of discouragement, she says to her “Now no one is going to construct you talk-possibly no one can. But endure in memory, discourse is a man’s way of communicating delay his bareow man and it is discourse singular which separates him from the inferior fleshly” (Caged Bird, #). Mrs. Flowers, as-well introduces Maya to lection bulks, she learns that she must be favoring of inexperience, but inferiorstanding of the illiteracy, and as-well Mrs. Flowers offered her to cookies and tea. Smith argues Mrs Finferior opens the door to the immured bird’s allay delay the key of reply. For the pristine duration Maya is certain as an peculiar rather than as a harmony to someone else: “I was approved, and what a unlikeness it made. I was respected not as Mrs. Anderson’s grandslip or Bailey’s sister but proper substance Marguerite Johnson” (Caged bird, 98). Such outright reply allows her to experiment the undeveloped jurisdiction of her own wilful-worth. (Modern Critical Views, 9).

Angelou describes repeatedly the dissimilarity betwixt innocents and sombres and looked them in “cage”. Equal order opportunities are as-well noncommunicationing, and the metaphysical capacities of sombres are conjectured severely limited; the develops collect an academic curriculum for innocents and an energyful one for sombres. “The innocent kids were going to possess a casualty to beend Galileo and Edison…and the (black) boys (the misss weren’t plain in on it) would try to be Jesse Owenses and Joe Louises,” writes Angelou (Caged Bird, 151). Using twain ridicule and undesigning patronymic, Angelou confronts racism and gender disadvantage, and tries to sensitize readers to these issues. Her effect end jurisdictionfuler and moving “It was appalling to be Negro and possess no curb balance my identicality. It was barbarous to be boyish and already retinueed to sit allayly and heed to score brought repeatedlyst my tinge delay no casualty of rampart. We should all be heavy”. (Caged Bird, 153)

At the rank rite, during which the animated confluence of the boyish graduates and their families and friends are baseless perfortune by the coerce of an oblivious and impassible innocent orator, the boyish miss ends to comprehend already the desperation of weakness (Modern Critical, 10):

It was appalling to be Negro and possess no curb balance my identicality. It was barbarous to be boyish and already retinueed to it allayly and heeds to score brought repeatedlyst my tinge delay no casualty of rampart. We should all be heavy. I care I should approve to see us all heavy, one on top of the other. (Caged bird, 153)

Angelou using her memories to demonstration how dense was the identicality of sombre fellowship she was “caged” in sombre fraternity. During a Gradation Party Maya gets a toothache and goes to see a innocent developman. The developman refuses to put his operatives in a sombre miss’s aperture proverb: “My system is I’d rather adhere my operative in a dog’s aperture than in a nigger’s” (Caged Bird, 160). …………………………..

Maya continues her romance in 1941 where her dame, Vivian marries Clidell and they provoke to San Francisco. Maya and Baily repeatedly went to feed delay Vivian Baxter. Maya lively to George Washington Proud Develop and the age fourteen certain lore to watch to California Labor School, where she took plaining classes in a drama and leap. In 1943 when Maya was 15 years old she elapsed a summer delay her senior at a trailer park in Los Angeles. Maya accompanies her senior to a mean Mexican town where he proceeds to get evidently drunk, leaving her delay obligation of getting them end to Los Angeles. For the pristine duration, Maya meets herwilful largely in curb for her lot. She never had despatchn a car but her intrepidity she did. And although the despatch culminates in accidents, she victorys.

Untalented to get acrave delay her senior and his feed-in missfriend she ran abroad and feedd for 6 weeks in junkyard that was the pernoctation of a fraternity of homeless manifestation. Angelou was melancholy by this nonjudgmental and wilful-sufficient assembly of boyish transients and she felt that her experiment delay them served as a peel of threshold into the ethnical course. Recalling this assembly in Caged Bird Angelou wrote:

After hunting down unbroken bottles and selling them delay a innocent miss from Missouri, a Mexican miss from Los Angeles, and a Sombre miss from Oklahoma, I was never repeatedly to notion mywilful so solidly delayout the dusky of the ethnical course. The noncommunication of censure evidenced by our ad hoc fraternity influenced me, and set a effect of tolerance for my identicality” (215).

This twinkling exceeded by a month disburse wrecked car collect her delay comprehendledge of wilful-determination and a acceptance of her wilful-worth. Delay this absolute comprehendledge and jurisdiction, opportunity is she was in proud develop she flow to employment and applied for a pose as a conductor in streetcars.

Stamps’ silence and “cage” is left far astern in Arkansas Maya assumes curb balance her own gregarious necessity and betrothed in the violent-effort delay identicality’s forces. Braxton argues that another settled individuality experiment occurs in the globe of employment Marguerite is particularize to beend a “conductor” on the San Francisco streetcars, plain though no sombre possess been compensated previously. She visits the Market Street Railway Office delay “the abundance of a special on salary” until she is compensated, nonobservance the tinge interspace previously imposed repeatedlyst sombres and achieving a step of insurrection (Modern Critical, 228. )

In her romance, Maya concludes, “The sombre womanly is assaulted in her meek year by those despicable forces of structure at the corresponding duration that she is caught in the tripartite crossfire of courageous disadvantage, innocent loose abominate and Sombre noncommunication of jurisdiction.” (Caged Bird, 231) She has broken out the rusted bars of her gregarious “cage”. (page 11)

Maya beend increasingly solicitous encirhold her association, which to her seemed unfeminine and inferiordeveloped. Though her dame seasoned to cognizant her differently, Angelou feared that she was physically monstrous and began to sign if she could be lesbian. Wanting to console herwilful of her sexual individuality, Angelou invited a courageous classmate to possess sex delay her one duration. The easily-under resulted in a pregnancy and possess a baby boy. It is the born of the baby the main round subject-stuff in Maya’s identicality and her victory.

Smith avers

Maya Angelou’s autobiography ends to a notion of an ending: the sombre American miss slip has exceed in freeing herwilful from the regular and gregarious bars imprisoning her in the immure of her impaired wilful-image by ostentatious curb of her identicality and largely acceptance her sombre womanhood. (Modern savant, 12)

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