I (EP) by Meshuggah
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Dec 18th, 2019

I (EP) by Meshuggah

This marks both my third Meshuggah Review and EP review as well. Well, we can see that I am not much of EP guy one, and that I also have solidified my love for epics. I is a one track EP spanning 21 minutes making this the longest Meshuggah song I know. But more on that in the next paragraph.
This track/EP likes to take inspiration from many elements in the modern prog universe like the rediculous solos present in Dream Theater and Animals as Leaders, the song writing structure of Opeth`s Black Rose Immortal where it always changes and the lyrical inspiration of Ayreon. But among all that, you still have classic Meshuggah with the crunchy, sort of repetitive but brutal riffage. This can literally go from thrashy to brutality in a heartbeat so I wouldn’t recommend this for people who are of faint of heart. Now, on to the lyrics that’s important for this track.

The lyrics seem very philosophical, but in and almost devastating way. Here’s what I see, the philosophy of a corrupt society that wants nothing more than to kill everyone, world domination, and to destroy the Earth at any and ALL costs. That seems like the deliberate main story for Mario and Luigi: Partners In Time with the Shroobs and the Queen Shroob. Considering I’m able to connect this to a Mario game of all things, that’s a very, very scary thought if you thing about it to deeply.
Well now that you’ve wrapped your head around all of that, what’s my rating for this EP thing. Well I have to give it a 9.5/10 for the childhood ruining lyrics and the amazing progression from prog death metal band in Sweden. What do think? Should I do more EP and track reviews? If so, what should I review next for either of those? I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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I (EP) by Meshuggah
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