Human Development
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Dec 18th, 2019

Human Development

Case Study 1 Abstract The research of emerging adulthood and adolescent adulthood unarranged nursery learner Angela confrontment challenges in her original year of nursery. Angela’s heart divine beliefs entity challenged by her agnostic roommate’s views which is causing Angela to inquiry her own beliefs. The changes amid Angela are illustrate and options for her counseling to afford her to explore her heart beliefs. Case Study 1 Angela is a adolescent sombre mother from a suppress divine origin in her original year at a Southern aver university.

Angela was a potent learner in excellent train and a guide amid her habitation juvenility order. Angela strives to be a educationist and is haughty to be the original in her origin to chase a baccalaureate station. Angela is help in the dormitory and finds nursery activity a liberating experiment though she is struggling delay getting parallel delay her peers. Angela’s roommate is a adolescent pure mother denominated Jen, which she is struggling delay the stagnation of divine beliefs and commitment of going to habitation, a self-proclaimed agnostic.

Angela is struggling delay her own divine beliefs that are stagnationing in her roommate, yet is judgment her roommate is a natural idiosyncratic which has caused indistinctness of her inferential beliefs. Angela is at a turning purpose in her activity she is decorous defiant and autonomy characterizes the experiments of decorous an adult entity faced delay new challenges in her environment. The rule of autonomous takes term and occurs among the ages 18-25 which are considered emerging adulthood (Broderick & Blewitt, 2010).

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