How to Write Good Essays on A Rose for Emily
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Dec 16th, 2019

How to Write Good Essays on A Rose for Emily

Are you assigned to write about A Rose for Mary? First, you should know that this short story written by William Faulkner is quite famous in literary circles for its great imagery and many important themes. They provide you with a wide range of excellent topics for your english paper, so picking the one you feel comfortable about is not a problem. The main theme of this book is the destructive effect of time, and the minor one is the social structure of that period. There are many students who feel stuck when writing their essays about this literary work because there are multiple interpretations that can be found in it. Make sure that you discuss some provoking and original material instead of being like other students. Most professors encourage innovative thinking and writing when it comes to submitting a grant proposal or any other academic paper. If writing a good book report is a problem for you, don’t hesitate to contact reliable freelance authors who will give you the necessary guidance.

As a student, you should understand that book reports have a variety of forms, including theme analyses, character analyses, and plot summaries. This academic assignment can help you learn how to share your personal opinion on different book aspects, such as dialogues or descriptive languages. However, there are certain basic elements that should be included to explain to readers why this book is interesting or significant, regardless of the type of essay you want to choose. Make sure that it includes the following elements: the type of book, its author, title, time, location, names, character descriptions, quotes, examples, and so on.

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How to Write Good Essays on A Rose for Emily
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  • Writing a plot summary. To complete this task, simply retelling readers the whole story is not enough. Try to explain your point of view about it and describe why you think that its plot is so compelling. Only the way how you analyze the plot can make a good literary analysis essay. Be sure to provide the targeted audience with many examples from the text to support your opinion.
  • Character analyses. Once you decide to write it, don’t forget about all important paragraphs, such as a dissertation conclusion. You need to explore both personality and physical traits of important characters and pay attention to actions and their effects on the plot. For example, exploring the way how they dress and what impress leave on readers is a good idea. What positive traits do they have? Do they have any fatal flaws that always get them into trouble? You also need to give examples of dialogues to analyze the way how important characters speak, discuss the words they use and how they affect others. Besides, it’s advisable to tie all of your personal observations together to explain to readers how these characters move the plot.
  • Theme analyses. Keep in mind that exploring different themes or major ideas in this book can be a perfect way to write the best literary essay because choosing the theme you’re interested in can make the whole academic writing process easier and faster. Remember that this assignment is different from a lab report format, so try to bring your feelings and thoughts to readers to show the real power of the chosen theme or topic. Before you start discussing your significant thoughts, it’s necessary to find out more about this theme and how it appears in the plot. Don’t forget to explain the theme you’re going to explore in your academic paper and use as many quotes and examples from the text as you can to prove the importance of your topic. Be sure to talk about every example included and make direct connections between them and the chosen theme. Once the topic is chosen and examined, you need to decide how it affect this book, so include at least a few sentences about its impact and whether it makes this story more enjoyable to read.

Your basic goal is to ensure that your writing style is quite expressive and clear, regardless of the type of paper you need to write, including a cover letter or a literary essay. You should include powerful examples to support your point of view. Some students think that book reports are different from other academic assignments, but they teach them how to compare and contrast, summarize, consider all perspectives, make predictions or connections, and develop other skills needed in the life.

Study Questions for Your Essay on A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner

  • Discuss its narrative structure. Why does the author present important story events in a non-chronological order? Would this story be as successful if he told it in any other manner? Why?
  • How does the opinion of the narrator about Miss Emily changes throughout the story? Does admiring phrases about her bother you? What can the acceptance of her actions by the narrator suggest you about Southern culture?
  • Compare and contrast how local people treat Miss Minnie and Miss Emily.
  • Discuss how Nancy threats Jesus when she found him cheating with other women. Is it fair to do that? Do you agree that killing her is too extreme to punish for her unfair actions?
  • Does Jesus kill her at the end of this story? You need to support your opinion with direct quotes from the text.
  • Does Quentin mature during the story? You should support your answer by providing readers with good examples.
  • Pay attention to the aunt and mother of Sarty. What are the roles of these characters in this book?
  • Why is Sarty alone at the end? Why do you think this character will do in the future? What would you do in his place? Be sure to evaluate his maturing in the book and compare him with Quentin.

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