How to write a comparative politics essay ?
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Dec 16th, 2019

How to write a comparative politics essay ?

You may have some ideas for great comparative essay topics, but they won’t help you unless you know exactly how to write an essay of this kind. There are some steps that you will have to follow. First of all, you need a topic. When thinking of a topic, you should choose something vast enough for you to be able to find plenty of information on, but narrow enough to be covered by an essay. This will also be your thesis theme. Then comes the stage of brainstorming. For this, you will have to do a lot of research on your topic of choice. If you already know approximately what you want to write about, it will be easier to find the information you are looking for.

Covering any of the comparative politics essay topics will require some research and analysis. After having gathered some information, choose those that are the most relevant for the topic at hand. All the unnecessary information needs to be left out as you won’t be able to make strong arguments about them. This step is closely related to thesis preparation when you look through your ideas again and throw out everything that doesn’t bring you closer to your goal. Then you need to structure your ideas. Based on this structure, you should get down to writing. This is the first step when you actually start writing; all the previous steps were only preparing you for this one. If you are writing an apa essay, you will also need citations and references. This way you will be able to avoid plagiarism charges.

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How to write a comparative politics essay ?
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Comparative essay topics for you to choose from

In case you have to write a comparative politics essay, you will have to look for influential people who have some similarities, but also some great differences. For such an assignment you could think about some shocking topics. This means that you should try to compare people that others would never even think about putting in the same sentence. Think about topics like Osama Bin Laden vs. Mahatma Gandhi, Julius Caesar vs. Edward Snowden, Tom Robinson vs. OJ Simpson, Frederick Douglas vs. Harriet Jacobs, Joseph Stalin vs. Adolf Hitler, Alice Walker vs. Maya Angelou, Locke vs. Hobbes, Oprah Winfrey vs. Ellen DeGeneres, W. E. B. DuBois vs. Booker T. Washington, Socrates vs. Plato, Regina George vs. Adolf Hitler, or Macklemore vs. Pope Francis.

Some of these topics could make your teacher grasp for air, but if your essay is well researched and you only present facts, there will be no reason for them to have any objections. If you have several ideas, you should compare the compare essay topics and choose the one you are most comfortable writing about. Naturally, there might be some even more controversial topics as well. Think about religion, for instance, which, in our days, is a hot topic. Your choice of topics could include Catholicism vs. Protestantism, Mayana Buddhism vs. Theravada, or Christianity vs. Judaism.

If you’re not ready to take on so much controversy, you might be interested in social topics, such as education. These comparative essay topics might be easier to research and most probably your teacher will accept them easier. Some of the topics you could think about include public vs. private universities, large vs. small universities, college vs. high school, and traditional vs. online classes. These are all some topics that you must have an opinion on and most probably you know a little about them first-hand, making your essay more genuine and personal. There is no reason for you not to include your own arguments too.

If the assignment is given by your English teacher, the essay might have to be an asa paper and you may want to choose comparative essay topics which are closer to this field, of literature and film. Such ideas include Dracula vs. Twilight, Lost vs. Breaking Bad, The Yellow Wallpaper vs. A Rose for Emily, Red Scarf Girl vs. Fahrenheit, I Am Legend vs. The Day After Tomorrow, Divergent vs. The Hunger Games, The Picture of Dorian Grey vs. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide, The Hunger Games vs. 1984, Macbeth vs. Julius Caesar, Wolverine vs. Beowulf, Tarzan vs. Mowgli, or Odysseus vs. Beowulf. These topics are suitable even for those students who prefer modern cinema to classic literature.

Culture and society also represent a hot topic that you might want to explore. The comparative essay topics you could think of include American concept of beauty vs. Korean concept of beauty, marriage vs. cohabitation, being rich vs. being famous, and toddlers vs. teenagers. Maybe there is something you have experienced or you witnessed that shocked you or got you interested in a topic. This is the right time to explore it and get a good grade for all your work. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be rewarded for doing things you are interested in any way instead of researching a topic you couldn’t care less about?

Health and fitness is another topic of common interest that you could use for your essay. When it comes to comparative essay topics consider anorexia vs. bulimia, aerobic exercises vs. yoga, low carb diet vs. low fat diet, acupressure vs. acupuncture, high protein diet vs. high fiber diet, and liposuction vs. cosmetic surgery. For sure there is one topic that you are interested in.

Regardless of which topic you choose, you will have to make sure you think about essay proofreading too. In the same time, you will have to formulate a thesis based on your topic, so you should take a look at thesis examples. All these will take you closer to getting a good grade.

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