How to Develop a Thesis for Compare and Contrast Essay
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Compare contrast essay
Dec 16th, 2019

How to Develop a Thesis for Compare and Contrast Essay

If you’re asked by teachers to write a compare and contrast essay, you should understand that its basic purpose is to analyze both similarities and differences in two subjects. Be sure to develop a strong thesis for compare and contrast essay because it plays an important role. It’s hard to organize all thoughts and write the rest of your academic paper without it because all paragraphs must refer back and stem from a thesis sentence. If you think that it’s a bit intimidating to approach this academic assignment, you can use professional dissertation editing services. Look for credible and skilled freelance authors who will provide them at quite affordable rates.

  • Start with a basic question. That’s because your answer on it can be a perfect thesis statement. The good news for all students is that it can be developed by answering questions, regardless of how complicated subjects are.
  • Be sure to tailor a thesis to the type of your essay. When writing a compare and contrast paper, you need to break down the chosen topic to better understand, examine, and compare it, so use the right thesis format.
  • Take a certain stance if you want to make this statement more powerful. You need to address one topic in detail and ensure that all major points are supported in the main body.
  • Make a strong and convincing argument. Look for a new and original way to approach the chosen topic to impress the targeted audience. This simple step will help you come up with a dynamic and fresh thesis. If you have any difficulties, be sure to use an effective thesis statement generator for compare and contrast essay.
  • Make sure that a thesis is easy to prove. It’s the main point of the whole research and writing process, and you need to back it up with the necessary evidence.

Tips on How to Get It Right

  • Make a thesis statement properly. This tool shouldn’t be taken lightly because it helps you convey to readers all major points you want to discuss in your writing a synthesis essay. It’s a road map that tells them the right direction of your thoughts and comparison. Besides, your thesis is an assertion but neither an observation nor a fact. You can use facts only to support it, so make sure if it is debatable, makes a stand, explains to the audience what you will discuss, and answers a certain question.
  • Get your thesis for compare and contrast essay sound right. Make it identifiable as your thesis statement, and this goal is easy to achieve if you use the right tone and words.
  • Know where to write it. According to its role, you need to put it at the beginning of your essay (in the last introduction sentence). However, your decision may be affected by many important factors, such as the length of your essay introduction.
  • Limit your thesis to one or two brief and clear sentences. Make sure that it’s concise and to the point to help readers identify the main topic, opinion, and direction of your essay.

Finding a Perfect Thesis for Compare and Contrast Essay

  • Choose the topic you are interested in. It’s the basic step involved in writing any academic paper and making a solid thesis statement. The main reason is that the direction of your essay depends on this choice so that it can’t be ignored.
  • Research the chosen topic. Your basic goal is to define a narrow subject that can be discussed in your paper. Be sure to avoid too vague case study topics because they are not suitable for developing a good thesis statement.
  • Take into consideration the audience, purpose, and type of your academic paper. These details are usually assigned by professors, but if you can choose them, it’s advisable to understand that they all will affect a future thesis considerably.
  • Stick to a rigid essay structure. You should know basic formulas to stay within length limits and define how the entire paper must be organized. Make sure that your thesis for compare and contrast essay consists of two basic parts: a clear topic and a brief summary of other paragraphs.
  • Write it down. A preliminary thesis statement will give you the right direction, help you develop interesting ideas, and clarify the main content of your academic paper. This is how you will start to think logically, concisely, and clearly.
  • Analyze a thesis once you write a final essay copy. Your basic point is to avoid the mistakes that may weaken it. To get a better understanding of how to achieve this goal, you should take a look at a good thesis example for compare and contrast essay and consider the following pointers. Keep in mind that your statement shouldn’t be a list and written in the first person. Mentioning any new topics in it is a very bad idea, just like making it not combative. Remember that the main purpose of your paper is to make an analysis and share your opinion, so do your best to make readers listen to you. If this task seems difficult to you or you have no free time to complete it by yourself, take into account credible and helpful best resume writing service offers of freelance authors who are easy to find on the Internet.
  • Understand that a thesis statement shouldn’t be absolute. The best thing you can do is to consider it as your working thesis that will be changed during the essay writing process. As you work on your academic paper, you may find out that your point of view changes or your direction is different. That’s why you need to reread a thesis on a regular basis and make proper changes in it.
  • Proofread and edit. This step is often overlooked by students, but they end up with low grades. Don’t make the same mistake!

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