How to Choose Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students Easy
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Dec 16th, 2019

How to Choose Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students Easy

All students need to know that the main function of argumentative essays is to prove readers that their assertions or opinions are correct and more truthful than others. However, this skill is not easy to develop because when writing your cse paper, you not only need to share your personal opinion, but it’s also necessary to argue and support it successfully. This academic assignment is all about forming clear reasons, making certain inductions, drawing strong conclusions, and applying them to the whole discussion. If this task is hard to you, think about available college paper writing service offers given by expert freelance writers because they will help you get higher grades without any effort.

Picking a good and interesting topic for your argumentative paper is a difficult task and it takes some time to come up with the best one. If your professors provide you with an opportunity to make this choice, you’re flexible but have to face certain pitfalls. That’s because choosing a poor topic for your essay can make it unacceptable, but the good news is that you can use specific methods to make your academic paper outstanding. Take into consideration only the most powerful and original argumentative essay topics for college students easy to find and learn how to define the right one.

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How to Choose Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students Easy
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  • Write about something that you know well. This tip is obvious, but some students still fail to use it. Don’t make the same mistake and look for the topics that you have some background knowledge about. This means that you should find the one that you’re familiar with to save a lot of time and effort because you don’t need to do research.
  • Pick the ideas that you’re passionate about. Look for interesting argumentative essay topics for college students easy to find because your audience will care about them only if you like your own choice.
  • Ensure that the chosen topic is specific. When you’re arguing for or against something, you shouldn’t choose a very broad subject because you will have too much to discuss and talk about. It’s always best to have a specific, clear, and arguable topic at your disposal.
  • Check whether there is something that you can defend in your argument. If you can’t come up with powerful defenses to counterarguments, you should rethink the chosen topic. There are many argumentative essay topics for college students easy to find so that you shouldn’t hesitate to switch to another subject at this early writing stage.
  • Pick a topic that appeals to emotions. This is what will let your audience to connect with what you want to tell them in an essay. Keep in mind that people rarely argue rationally, so the only effective way to change their mind is to make them emotionally involved in your argument. Take into consideration only arguable and easy argumentative essay topics for college students and choose the ones that arouse certain feelings.

The Basic Parts of Argumentative Essay Writing

  • The Introduction. Make sure that it includes something that can be a hook or grabber for your readers to catch their attention at once. For example, it’s possible to open your discussion and argument with some unusual details, strong statements, quotes, anecdotes (they are amusing and attention-getting), facts or stats, questions, outrageous opinions or exaggerations, etc. Concentrate on available thesis examples because any introduction must include a solid statement that is no longer than one concise and brief sentence. It’s the foundation of your academic paper and serves to guide you through the whole writing process. A thesis statement also serves other important purposes, including suggesting the right essay organization, imposing manageable limits, and telling the targeted audience more about specific and easy essay topics for college students.
  • The main body. Be sure to provide enough evidence to support your point of view given in a thesis. This means that body paragraphs should be based on solid reasons given in your statement. As a good academic writer, you need to anticipate opposing opinions and give counterarguments along with major points because all topics have strong arguments from both sides. Devote one body paragraph to discuss opposing points of view and your strong counterarguments in addition to using effective ways to support your thesis and opinion, which is similar to your writing a rhetorical analysis essay. For example, you can include facts that may come from your personal observations or experiences, reliable stats that offer excellent support, direct expert quotes because they are invaluable, examples to enhance major ideas and make them concrete, and so on.

There are certain hints that you can use to write body paragraphs successfully. First, you should clarify your point of view and state arguments, and then you should address opposing opinions because opposing evidence can’t be ignored. Don’t forget to use transitions between all paragraphs and sentences because they serve as helpful cues for readers, and this tip is universal for all academic assignments, including a standard science paper.

  • The conclusion. Your argumentative essay must end by summing up the most important facts of your thesis, so be sure to restate it. This paper section enables readers to recall the most important points of your discussion, and that’s why you need to paraphrase them all. Finally, write personal comments and calls for action, and then proofread and edit your essay.

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