How A Talk Can Impact The Audience British Language Essay
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Dec 16th, 2019

How A Talk Can Impact The Audience British Language Essay

When a presenter wants to give a conversation his main objective is to convey a note to the audience. And to achieve this task, he must indeed focus on on the technique he uses to deliver the talk. He must take into considerate on his prospect and trustworthiness (presenter), the route (non-verbal, pictorial and aural) that he is using to mention his meaning as well as the concept (content, style and composition). Hence he will have the ability to convey his conversation effectively.

The meaning/speech delivering process.

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How A Talk Can Impact The Audience British Language Essay
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A presenter is the main factor in providing the speech effectively as he’s the the one that is interacting with the audience. Decent appearance and credibility is some of the aspects a speaker must satisfy in order to deliver the concept to the audience in a powerful fashion.


Han Sen was dressed up too casually and slightly messy. He wore a cap, messy locks, a t-shirt and trousers that was really unacceptable. The cap wouldn’t normally only come across a lttle bit rude to the audience but it inhibits him from offering eyesight contact to the audience. His wild hair also contributed to the loss of vision contact. His informal dressing proved that he had no value to the audience and does not respect the presence of his audience as well as that he is not seriously interested in his speech. Besides that his underwear was also exposed scheduled to his messy dressing. Not only is it again disrespectful and indecent, it will also distract the audience’s attention; it’ll lead to unwanted responses by the audience during his conversation. A speaker must have of respectable appearance to provide a speech showing the audience esteem and as a sign that he is serious about his conversation and that he appreciates his audience. Hence by failing to fulfill this aspect, Han Sen has confirmed the audience a amount of disrespect, indecency, insufficient manners and provided the audience grounds to be distracted by his prospect in a poor manner. Not just that, he in addition has lost eye contact with his audience, which is very important for the delivery of conversation by wearing a cap and wearing a messy hairdo. **


The method of transferring information to the audience is very important as good programs allow the audience to quickly understand the concept. This consists of non-verbal, pictorial and aural programs.

Body Terms and gestures

Han Sen, being anxious from presenting, once in a while put his palm into his pouches. Although it is okay to place one hand in the pocket, it is recommended a speaker to prevent from doing this as the jingling audio from the coin or key in the pocket may distract the audience. However, a speaker that desires to look professional should bare his or her pocket before any conversation.

Besides that, Han Sen starts off to look up and down whenever he tries to figure out an explanation through the speech. This causes him to lose the little eye contact he previously with his audience. A specialist speaker should continue to be eye connection with his people or better off, having eyesight contact with a single person at a time. This is essential as a person concentration is limited and so by concentrating on one individual at at any time, the presenter can deliver his / her conversation effectively. However, a speaker should not concentrate only using one person as others may feel overlooked.

In addition, Han Sen reads text message right from his laptop by turning his back again on the audience. Using this method, not only will his point struggle to be delivered, his action is giving the feeling that he’s not respecting the audience. He also put his hands on the table as he talks thus giving him an awful standing posture. An excellent speaker should also feature a good position as it plays a part in a good appearance. It also shows the others that the person is self-assured, happy and the majority of all approachable. It’s important as a presenter wouldn’t normally want the audience to believe that they’re a stranger.

Han Sen also shakes his hand a lot especially when he will try to drive through a spot and get to another point. Not only will the audience get inadequate information from him, his hand movement didn’t help at all. Instead, a self-confident loudspeaker should uses his side to express his tips as failing to good hands gestures make a loudspeaker look boring and stiff. Not only a lively manifestation grabs the attention, it helps the audience in understanding the actual speaker is providing.


The Powerpoint slides made by Han Sen were completely text instead of summarized point. This will likely confuse the audience as to read the word or listen to him speaking. Matching to J. Douglas Jeffreys, the main at PublicSpeakingSkills. com, a global consulting firm specializing in training businesses, a good demonstration must fulfill the 7 basic rules (N. D). Example of the rules includes retaining paragraph integrity, having creative fonts and colourful background & most not to be excluded, a proper builds that draw attention however, not more than the concept itself. Slides also needs to fulfill the 7 times 7 rules which says that each slide shouldn’t have significantly more than 7 lines with each not more than 7 words.

As if the slides weren’t ruining his display, Han Sen made a decision to show his audience through his laptop instead of projecting it to bigger display. If projection is not available, a prepared presenter should give out hand-outs to help the audience to raised understand the speech given by her or him. Even so, the speaker shouldn’t read out from the hands outs. In the event the speaker achieve this, the audience will have a state of mind they are just throwing away their time tuning in as they will have the data or information from reading the hand outs later on.

Han Sen have some preparation by writing cue cards as he probably expected himself to forget his things. However, he have a big mistake for being his cue credit cards weren’t written properly and were too large to be kept in his hands. An excellent cue card can fit properly in a person palm and match the certain conditions: one idea per credit card, numbered and only written on one part of the card, are color coded to differentiate main idea from instances and most important, written in a major font to be read easily.


Throughout the whole demonstration, Han Sen words was soft and not clear. This triggers the audience to be unable to listen to his points. A good speaker is supposed to be noisy and clear during his or her presentation to show that the speaker is positive about the concept he or she is offering. The voice also needs to be reduced to sketch the audience attention and increase to make a point.

To make things worse, he mumbles and stutters pretty much every time a conclusion is given by him. This could point out that he probably did not prepare the talk himself as he’s not used to what being used by himself. This evidently demonstrates that before a speech, a loudspeaker should rehearse and get used to what or content of the speech.

Han Sen also speak as though he is speaking to himself or reading out loud but limited to his own ability to hear as his words his almost all of the time flat. An experienced loudspeaker would have a build that carries fear if he tends to frighten the audience or holds laughter if the concept should direct result the audience to be sensing joy or contentment. Likewise, a build that brings suspense is needed if a presenter would like the audience to begin thinking or envision something.

Besides that, Han Sen, sacrificing his confidence due to him forgetting his point and missing idea to support his own words, started to hurry and speak (mumbles) too fast. The audience that could probably not get an individual word he said would be getting rid of desire for his display as they could no longer understand or get on the conversation. A loudspeaker should vary his / her rate in presenting to keep the audience interest while a pausing occasionally is good as the audience need time to totally understand a point to keep an eye on the talk (J. D Jeffreys, N. D).


The most important aspect of the whole speech is the meaning itself. A speaker may be at his or her top look today, accompanied by proper presentation style but everything are worthless unless the audience obtain the message being shipped please remember or do an action about the meaning given.


A speaker should prepare yourself with few evidences (personal, information, example and analogy) to justify his / her points to ensure the audience is convinced in the speech. Statistics is the most effective but too much of it could only cause misunderstanding in the audience. Han Sen misses out on this as he’s lack of good examples to aid his own factors. In addition, not only was he lack of instances, the example or explanation given by him was not clear enough. Most of the time, he expects the audience to comprehend what’s said by him and thus he proceed.

Even when he give further details on his point, it is irrelevant to the speech itself. To ensure the audience to be enthusiastic about a conversation, a presenter should give example that relate to most people concerning get them to think how hearing the talk would benefit them. It is very important for a loudspeaker to be on the right track on the speech and not drift away especially by questions from the audience. If not, the whole reason for the speech could not be properly provided.

Han Sen also have a mistake when he contradicts his own things of the conversation. This will straight cause the audience confidences on him to lessen as he no more has a solid stance. A loudspeaker should be completely ready and make sure him or herself do not do that mistake as it would mean the finish of the conversation. Imagine a group of debaters agreeing on the opposition team point.


Speaking in front of an audience and offering message requires a speaker to fully understand his / her own points. However, Han Sen do not know about his own point as he searches around for his tips in his cue credit cards as well as the slides.

Besides, the audience probably didn’t pay much attention as Han Sen did not show much interest in his own matter as well. To make a passionate atmosphere on this issue, a presenter should first show his or her passion on the topic and talk about it with the audience.

Despite explaining a few of the points, almost all of it is Han Sen own thoughts. Though it is good to possess one own thoughts and opinions on a certain subject matter, having excessive or even more than other backed opinion makes the speech less convincing.

Previously said, Han Sen do not clarify his factors and leave his audience wondering what he is speaking. A good speech should contain tons of information that is useful and worth being attentive instead of a bunch of questions. In Han Sen circumstance, most audience may possibly finish up having more questions that as soon as they start listening to his conversation.


Han Sen began his speech by searching for his factors and trying to remember what his issue is focused on. Even after reading the cue cards, he’s still blur and deliver a boring intro. A good introduction should pick up the audience attention and make then believe that it is beneficial to allow them to listen to talk. Because of this, the loudspeaker could take order. And if the launch given is not impressive enough, a loudspeaker can always save him or herself by giving a superior conclusion.

A good talk should have the ideal amount of information that the audience can absorb. It will also be assemble in sequential order or least important to the main for an improved impact on the audience. And if a challenge is said, a solution must be shown and labeled. Han Sen evidently did not organize his items as his items are jumbled up and he skip a few of his slides merely to realize the slides he looking for is unavailable.

Points shouldn’t be repeated unless shipped with other items and it will serve as a reminder to the audience. Metaphor may be used to make interest also to make the audience imagine and think.


Jeffreys, J. D. (n. d. ). Presenting and public speaking skills. Retrieved from http://publicspeakingskills. com/

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