Hotel California by The Eagles
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Dec 18th, 2019

Hotel California by The Eagles

A classic hit of the 1980s Hotel California is one of the greatest rock songs to be ever made.The electric, base and acoustic guitars have been used creatively to make music that is pleasant and soothing to the ears.
Hotel California is a tale about a traveler who comes across a luxury hotel.Initially he is tempted and thus checks in.But later he regrets his decision and desperately tries to find a way back.The song ends on an eerie note where the night guard assures the traveler by saying ‘You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.’
The meaning of the song has been widely debated and is interpreted differently.Some believe that it refers to a hotel that was converted to a Satanic church.Others postulate that the hotel mentioned in the song is actually a mental hospital. Metaphorically speaking the song may also refer to the transition from childhood to adulthood i.

e. the transition from oblivion to experience.The phrase ‘..but you can never leave’ refers to the fact that once knowledge is gained , there is no turning back and as we all know ‘Too much of knowledge is bad.’
Anyway Hotel California has received much appreciation from critics and continues to be one of the greatest hits of the Rock era.I highly recommend it to everyone of all ages and not only the Rock-lovers.

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Hotel California by The Eagles
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