hostel management system Essay
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Nov 26th, 2019

hostel management system Essay

TOPIC: HOSTEL OUTPASS MANAGEMENT SYSTEMSNS COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGYDEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERINGSTUDENTS NAME:M.Sivaranjani [email protected] 7010914474L.Swetha [email protected] 8220230335V.Thenmozhi [email protected] 9003822941GUIDE NAME:Dr.B.Vinodhini/AP(CSE)ABSTRACT:The prime objective of Hostel out pass application is to create a full-fledged Web application which could help the students to fill an out pass form and get approval from the consent staff and warden at one click. The form will be approved finally by the parent also thus making sure that the student’s activity is brought to parents notice.

This helps in avoiding the problems which occur when carried out manually. It improves the efficiency of the system. It is a customized user-friendly application for hostel students which provides out pass information. This project offers the user to enter the data through simple and interactive manner. INTRODUCTION: We are in an environment where we are trying to reduce our stress and time.

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hostel management system Essay
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In today’s world time plays an important role. For past few years, the numbers of colleges is increasing rapidly. As the name specifies HOSTEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is a online website for managing activities of the hostel. Thereby the numbers of hostels is also increasing for the accommodation of students studying in the college. In this particular project deals with the problems on managing the hostel and avoids the problems which occur when carried manually. The administration has a unique identity for each member as well as student details. We can improve the efficiency of the system, thus overcome the drawbacks of the existing system.Out pass module is designed to keep a check on all the outgoing students or staffs in the hostel. This module automates the security of the system at the gates of the college.It have the results of all relevant details like, name of the student who are going out and purpose for going out of the hostel.The students wants to go for an outing then he/she can generate a request from his/her mobile or laptop through the internet connection. EXISTING SYSTEM: The existing system is manual based and need lot of efforts and consume more time.Now in some hostel students are waiting for a long time to get permission for going out of the hostel for any issues. They are following the queue system. So it is difficult for students. The existing system is paper work to get permission for going out of hostel. So we improve the system in the computerized way.ISSUES:1.STUDENT SIDE: 1.The students have to wait for a long time to get permission and sign of the warden. 2.The students has to carry the letter around for providing proof when enquired.2.WARDEN SIDE: 1.The warden may have another work when the students asking permission. 2.The warden find it very difficult to keep a manual records of the students who are all going out of the hostel. 3.They have to take more effort and thoroughly monitor students to ensure security.3.PARENT SIDE: 1.The parents wants to know about their daughter or son’s activities about where they are going. 2. They might have to live in constant concern about their child’s safety.TO OVERCOME ALL THESE ISSUES WE CREATE AN WEB APPLICATION. PROPOSED SYSTEM: In order to Improve the efficienct the system, we create an online outpass for the hostel students.Through our website students can easily get outpass to go out of the hostel. It is full of computerized way.MAIN HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS PROJECT:‚§ It maintains the outing details information of the hostel students.‚§ We can restrict numbers of outing per month.‚§ Complete process is automated and automatically a SMS is generated when a student create a request for outing.‚§ The student outpass holds information like IN and OUT DATE,IN and OUT TIME,REASON.‚§ It will make the complete process paperless.‚§ It also manage special requests like students going to extra classes outside or trainings.PROCESS: 1.All the students wants to register first.2.After registration they have to login with their username and password.3.who are all wants to go out of the hostel they wants to fill the form which is available in our website.4.It includes the student details and in and out DATE and TIME,REASON for going out.5.After filling the form they want to submit. Then it will automatically stored in the warden database.6.Warden verifies the form and sends the confirmation message to the students and as well as their parents.7.The Warden sends the student details who are all going out of the hostel.8.Students can go out of the hostel with the help of the mail.9.Security guard in the college gate verifies the confirmation message with their database and also their ID CARD. 10.Then the guard allows the students to go out of the hostel.ADVANTAGES: Easy access for students and as well as warden. It makes the work paperless. less human error. High security. Easy data updating. Data consistency, Strength and strain of human can be reduced.REQUIREMENT ANALYSIS:Front end: Html,css,javascriptBack end: mysqlFLOW CHART:CONCLUSION: This web application thus ensures maximum security and removes all the manual work involved in hostel management activities and eases the monitoring of student movement staying in hostel.Students can get the outpass at anytime and anywhere.REFERENCES:

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