Hillbilly Way
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Dec 18th, 2019

Hillbilly Way

Formerly known as the “Poverty Neck Hillbillies,” the new “Hillbilly Way” band is getting back into their comfort zone. The band originally formed in 2000, but ended up breaking up in 2007. Now almost 5 years later, they’re back and still amazing. 6 of the 7 original members (Dave Cramer on the keyboard, Jeff Volek on the bass, Bob “Crafty” Crafton on the steel guitar, Ryan Lucotch on the drums, David “Junior” Guthrie on the electric guitar, and Chris “Abby” Abbondanza as lead vocals) are part of this new band. Also, they are accompanied by guest fiddle player John Parrendo who used to play with Chris Cagle. The band is currently signed under “Rhythm House Records.” Hillbilly Way has a new EP out and is hoping to have a full album out by this coming summer. Many shows are scheduled for these upcoming weeks and months. Since the band’s reunion concert in August of 2012, their popularity is coming back quite quickly.

At their concerts they play new and old songs including “Mr. Right Now,” “Born to be Free,” “One Night in New Orleans,” and many, many more. Being from Pennsylvania and West Virginia, there is a lot of GREAT talent packed into one band. You can find more information on the band through Facebook (Hillbilly Way), Twitter (@HillbillyState), or their website ( If you’re ever looking for something new and you’re in the area, check them out! Personally, I have been to many of the “Poverty Neck Hillbillies” concerts and now I am going to the Hillbilly Way shows as well. They put on such a great performance; I can’t help but love the band and the music. I’ve gotten the opportunity to meet many of the members and they are all very nice, down to earth people. They love all of their fans. Once you go to one concert, you’ll have to go to another because you’ll be amazed by the talent and terrific performance that is given at these shows. Even if you don’t live around the Pennsylvania/West Virginia area, you’re still going to want to check out the Hillbilly Way, especially if you love country music!

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Hillbilly Way
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