Haywire by Josh Turner
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Dec 18th, 2019

Haywire by Josh Turner

To date, Josh Turner’s biggest exposure was his first single, “Long Black Train,” written and played in the Grand Ole Opry in 2001, when he was just out of college. Since most can relate to those hard times when the “long black train” appears in life, he got a standing ovation.

Now, this country singer has another hit in his new album, “Haywire.” “Why Don’t We Just Dance” wraps fans in a mixed up beat of guitar and rhythm, enticing the listener’s feet to follow along. With 11 songs like “I Wouldn’t Be a Man” and “All Over Me,” this album is sure to win new Turner fans.

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“Haywire” is eager to attract attention with its contrasts between powerful and vulnerable and even loud and quiet. “Why Don’t We Just Dance” displays that feeling we get when we have a good day at work.

Following the upbeat tracks are some emotional ballads, including “I’ll Be There,” which describes the relationship that some of us may have with our family.

Although the tracks fit together nicely, the desperate attempt to explain a lover’s devotion got tiresome in “Friday Paycheck.” “Haywire” pursues the “love conquers all” concept, which will appeal to some listeners. Younger listeners will relate to the tracks, since some of these are close to reality.

Although the lyrics are somewhat overwhelming, Turner has a powerful voice that brings out the ballads. He is a dramatic singer with the ability to render an emotional appeal on the slower, more deliberate songs. Overall, the CD leaves the listener with less worry and stress.

Josh Turner has harnessed the skill of allowing the music to fall into sway with himself, an increasingly rare talent in singers. He nicely drops out at the appropriate moments, ­allowing the guitar to phrase the true meaning of the song. Haywire ends with “The Answer,” a religious ballad.

Although his ideas on the album can be a bit sickening, the quality of Turner’s voice and instrumentals make up for what’s missing, if anything. His statement to his listeners is an optimistic one: he has taken control of his life to express it in song and amplify it to the world.

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