Hanging By A Thread by Suburban Scum
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Dec 18th, 2019

Hanging By A Thread by Suburban Scum

Suburban Scum are a metallic hardcore band from New Jersey who have gotten quite a bit of attention. It’s not necessarily because they’re all that different from other bands who have a punishing, somewhat desperate, and extremely pissed-off sound. But they do it with the sort of passion and intensity that you don’t often find in the sea of tough guys and hardcore dancers.

Their previous EP, “Internal War,” was a good release in its own right, but it wasn’t a stand-out or memorable. On “Hanging By a Thread,” they’ve made the riffs and breakdowns catchier, the guitar leads more frequent and the vocals more discernible. Still, the album is as violent and intense as ever … music that’s just fun to listen to, as familiar as it may be.

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Hanging By A Thread by Suburban Scum
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Even though probably nothing will blow your mind on this EP, it’s impressively put together.

The production is ­extremely crisp and clean sounding, giving every riff and drum fill an even stronger punch. Between the thrash-­inspired riffs and the drumming that just plows down everything in its path, it feels like you’re trapped inside a steel cage with the band while they shake the ground with their massive sound. They don’t need technicality; their sound is just as impressive.

Few bands are making hardcore this punishing and intense while still keeping the mid-paced, chugging, riffing style that Suburban Scum do. Perhaps this is because they actually have something to say. Of course, it’s all been said before, with lyrics covering love, depression, and faith in humanity, but these guys are really ­passionate about what they’re saying. No gimmicks, no bullsh*t, just straight-up ­concern and anger. They have something to get off their chest, and they’ll scream it at anyone who will listen. I’m glad I did.

If you want something that’ll get your blood flowing and make you want to break something expensive over an authority figure’s head, I suggest you do the same.

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