Green Day – Insomniac
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Dec 18th, 2019

Green Day – Insomniac

Green Day’s anxiously awaited fourth album, “Insomniac,” is sure to beone of the best albums of 1996. The album moves at a rapid pace, a whopping 14songs in a span of a little over 30 minutes. Lead singer and guitarist Billie JoeArmstrong writes the mind-blowing lyrics and songs. This band has made it bigwith catchy lyrics and guitar licks that draw people to their songs. For example,the riveting bass line and explosion of power chords during the introduction to”Panic Song” and the repetitious “All wound up” phrase in”Bahs Uvula Who?” These songs journey into interesting topics. Themusic will take you into the mind of a hypocrite in “WalkingContradiction,” in the shoes of a drug dealer in “Tight Wad Hill,”and into the body of a boy with no self-esteem in “No Pride.” Although all thetracks are excellent, I would have to pinpoint “Armatage Shanks,””86,” and “Stuck With Me” as the best on the album, but don’ttake my word for it, find out for yourself.

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Green Day – Insomniac
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This band from Berkeley,California is a role model to younger, inexperienced bands because they know howto make a quality album in which every song is good. With powerful guitar partsfrom Billie Joe Armstrong, bouncing bass lines from bassist Mike Dirnt, andspeedy beats held by drummer, Tre’ Cool, this trio combines to make another greatalbum, as expected. This album will slowly, but surely, grow on you

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