Grace by Jeff Buckley
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Dec 18th, 2019

Grace by Jeff Buckley

With all the repetitive lyrics accompanied by only a drum machine, it’s hard to find originality in the music we find today. That’s why I went back to an album that was released exactly seven months after I was born.

Jeff Buckley’s album, Grace (1994), was a nice change from the common mainstream music that is currently being played on the radio. The rock music performed was very well composed, letting vocals fall where they should and having smooth connectivity making every song mellow and trance-like. Buckley did a great job with putting passion into every note, and it is easy to get wrapped up in the music.

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Grace by Jeff Buckley
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The song that clung to me the most was probably the most popular song on the CD. “Hallelujah” gives the term, Praise to God, a tired and broken outlook, but also has small fragment of hope stuffed throughout the piece. When he talks about how “David played a secret chord”, I’m pretty sure he figured out which one it was, and used it to his advantage, and had lead other popular artist to try their hand at this song.

(Kate Voegele does an excellent rendition of this song.)

One word to describe this CD is wonderful. The music is great for those occasions when you need mellow background music or if you just need to escape to an understanding sound. Grace is a great reminder of how music can be original, catchy, and without a drum machine as its main musical component. It is definitely not a waste of money to purchase this CD.

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