Getting started with descriptive essay sample about a place
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Dec 16th, 2019

Getting started with descriptive essay sample about a place

Descriptive writing assignments are meant to demonstrate the ability of a student to describe certain things so that the reader could have a vivid image of what he is reading. As a matter of fact, descriptive essays are usually written with the usage of five senses, such as taste, sight, touch, hearing and smell, as it can be seen in a well-written descriptive essay sample about a place. This is about provoking in your potential reader all those senses, which is not an easy deal, of course. A descriptive essay is very similar with creative writing, because it may use the same descriptive techniques that are used by authors of fiction novels and other literature works. Although descriptive essay sample about a place depends on many factors and may be accomplished in different ways, there are still some common rules that you need to accept when dealing with this kind of writing assignment. Keep reading to learn more about descriptive writing and how to use descriptive essay sample about a place in order to get your paper well-written as soon as possible.

While one descriptive essay sample about a place may provide a detailed description of a particular aspect of a certain place, another descriptive essay sample about a place gives an overall description and draws a general pattern of the described object. Depending on what place you are going to describe in your paper, of what format, style and tone will be your paper, you need to use that or another descriptive essay sample about a place and follow it. Having said that, we warn you that coming up with a good place to describe is very important if you want to provide an outstanding description. This has to be something that is worth describing, something that matters to you, made a strong lasting impression on you or played considerable role in your life. Also, it can be a place that you would like to visit, your dream house or a dream city. As a matter of fact, it can also be an imaginary place that exists in your imagination only. The most important requirement when choosing a place for your descriptive paper, is to choose a place with at least a couple of unique and interesting aspects to pay attention to.

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Getting started with descriptive essay sample about a place
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When beginning your paper, you need to start with an introduction first. You should introduce the object of your description to the reader and let him know what you are going to describe in your paper. Don’t force your reader to guess the place and instead, just let him know while grabbing his attention at the same time.

Your opening sentence is meant to make the first impression on the reader. That is why it is so important to make it remarkable. You may use a hook in the first sentence, which is a commonly used technique by many writers. As a hook you may give a nice anecdote, a cute joke, provoking statement or even a quotation. Once you have grabbed the attention of your reader, you can proceed to writing of the major part of your paper, including the body paragraphs and conclusion. It would be useful to follow a well-written sample descriptive essay about a place, but we also recommend you following the tips provided below.

How to make your descriptive essay interesting

In this deal, a great role is played by engagement of the reader’s senses. We have already said what senses you need to use and here, you will learn it more precisely.

  • At first, engage the sense of sight of your reader. This would be better to use in the first paragraph of your paper when introducing the object of description. Here, you need to make the reader visualize the general pattern. When illustrating, consider using proper adjectives. The more adjectives you use, the better and clearer visual picture will get your reader.
  • The second thing for you to do would be to describe the senses of smell. If the place that you discuss has a particular smell, you need to find words to describe it. It is important that you provide detailed description of the smell, not only write things like “the place smells good”, but create a bright pattern.
  • Describe the atmosphere predominating in the place. How does it feel when you are there? What emotions does being in that place provoke in you? Again, it is important to give a complete description be means of more complicated and interesting words than just “good”, etc.
  • Tell about different sounds one can hear when being in the place that you describe. If there are no sounds at all, then describe the silence. There are so many associations that sounds can provoke in one’s mind and you need to take advantages from it. By describing the sounds, you can make the reader imagine how comfortable, quiet or restless and lumpy that place is.
  • Provide original observations. When you are creating an image of something, one of the best ways to leave a lasting and strong impression is to give your reader a fact that he would not normally expect. So here’s where you need to think thoroughly, what is so unique about the place that you describe.
  • Use figurative language in your paper. This is how you can make your paper appreciated. You may use metaphors, comparisons, provide parallels and so on. Try to figure out what the place that you describe looks like and make a good comparison.

When reading a well-written sample of descriptive essay about a place, you can see how all the above mentioned tips are applied. Having said that, we would like to inform you about writing services that you can also use:

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