Getting closer to comparison and contrast essay topics
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Dec 16th, 2019

Getting closer to comparison and contrast essay topics

Before we get down to comparison and contrast essay topic s, let’s get familiar with the true meaning of a comparison and contrast essay. That’s one of the most popular types of essay in English classes. Frankly speaking, we often contrast and compare when writing, though we usually do it without a definite purpose. As for a comparison and contrast essay, our number one objective is to inform, explain and even persuade.

While the number one purpose of a typical contrast and compare essay is to inform, explain and convince, the actual reasons one might want to write this stuff greatly vary:

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Getting closer to comparison and contrast essay topics
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  • to explain something unknown by simply comparing it with something already known
  • to show the superiority of one item over another
  • to prove that two dissimilar things are really similar and vice versa
  • to demonstrate how something has radically changed over time

If you’re interested in writing a high quality essay, invest some time in prewriting. The process of prewriting is required to assist an author in collecting good ideas before organizing them into a logical form.

You can successfully use a Venn diagram for the purpose of prewriting. In order to make this diagram, you require drawing two circles. These circles should share the same size and they should overlap each other. Every circle will stand for one item, which needs to be compared in the essay. You should label every circle for one or several items, then write ideas about an item in every circle. In that place where circles overlap, you need to write ideas, which are true for both items. That’s a good prewriting approach as it clearly shows differences and similarities. As you might have already guessed, those parts where you don’t see any overlapping, you can only find differences.

It’s time to shift to organization. In fact, there are two ways to efficiently organize a compare and contrast essay.

The first one is block organization. Here you’ll have four paragraphs. The first paragraph will serve as an introduction. the second paragraph will deal with all the points of the item. For instance, you can provide actual information about apples, their popularity, availability and nutritional content. The third paragraph should discuss the points from the second item. In this case, you can discuss oranges. Like in the previous paragraph, illustrate their availability, nutritional content and popularity. Perhaps, you’ve already guessed the final paragraph. Sure, that’s a conclusion. In general, we can say that block organization is ideal for relatively short essays.

The second method of essay organization is point-by-point. The given structure suggests writing up to 5-6 paragraphs depending on the number of points of comparison you’re going to discuss. As in the previous structure, the first paragraph here is also an introduction. The second paragraph illustrates one point and tells how it relates to the two items. For instance, one paragraph may disclose the nutritional content of two fruits – an apple and an orange. The third paragraph will pay attention to another point regarding both items. Here, you’re welcome to assess the overall popularity of both fruits. The fourth paragraph is expected to do the same as for the third point. The conclusion is the final fifth paragraph here. The major advantage of this type of essay organization is that in this case the two items are evaluated at the same time, so the audience gets a clear value judgment for every point. However, this structure has one obvious downside. If you fail to elaborate adequately, you’ll most likely end up with very short paragraphs. So, make sure you’ve written at least four sentences in every paragraph. Otherwise, your tutor will be very dissatisfied with your writing work.

There’s no doubt the importance of a topic for this writing assignment shouldn’t be understated. It’s up to you to present a comparison and contrast essay topic in a way, which can engage your audience and fully explain the entire scope of work. You require digging deep into the subject before picking up a topic for your essay. Avoid sticking to a topic for which you don’t have enough data to prove your point of view. Make the most of brainstorming to generate worthy ideas for your comparison and contrast essay.

The list of promising essay contrast and comparison topics

  • Smoking is more dangerous than drinking.
  • Atheism versus religion.
  • Pop-music versus rock-n-roll.
  • Living on the country side is worse than living in a city.
  • Evolution isn’t a logical explanation for the existence, unlike creation.
  • Computer technology: pros and cons.
  • Religion and science.
  • Composition and poetry.
  • Painting and music.
  • Adulthood and teenage.
  • The differences and similarities between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.
  • Apple and Microsoft.
  • Blackberry and iPhone.
  • Laptop and desktop.
  • Movies and books.

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