Geographical location and boundaries of India Essay
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Nov 28th, 2019

Geographical location and boundaries of India Essay

India is one of the antiquated civilizations in the universe. It has achieved multi-faceted socioeconomic movement during the conclusive five decades. It has moved obtrusive displaying observable movement in the opportunity of husbandry, diligence, technology and overall economic product. India has so contributed significantly to the making of universe truth.

  • Lying between edge 4 N to 37°6 N and from longitude 68°7 E to 97°25 E, the province is divided into closely correspondent compatability by the Tropic of Cancer (passes from Jabalpur in MP).
  • The southernmost top in Indian Territory, (in Great Nicobar Island) is the Indira Top (6°45), occasion Kanyakumari, so notorious as Cape Comorin, is the southernmost top of Indian mainland.
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