Gender Equality
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Dec 16th, 2019

Gender Equality

The society could not support a woman who was doing the same job that men do. Almost everyone around her wanted her to stop driving the coach, as it was breaking their so-called “social norms”. Nothing could actually stop Nesti but one day, But one certain day she was called to the committee office and there her driving license was canceled.

She was shocked and confused as why it happened! The only reason her license was canceled was because, she was a woman. When did she ask what was her mistake or what’s wrong in it? The committee couldn’t come up with any kind of convincing answers instead advised her to run a brothel instead of this driving.

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Gender Equality
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So according to their social norms, a girl can run a brothel but she couldn’t drive a coach. The committee was telling her to do something from which Nefti was protecting her all these long. She was shattered. She had no support or anyone who can help her from that situation. Completely helpless and lost Nefti, sold her husband’s beloved horse and coach to earn something from what’s left.

The society threw her away when she was all alone defending her self respect and chasteness from all kinds of evil and lustful people. Now they want an independent strong innocent Nefti to turn into a local prostitute. She could have committed suicide and end this cruelty but she was a woman who despite all those troubles, was trying to smile and hold back for living peacefully. With great pain and completely broken, she cried to her husband’s grave as her soul died that day and had to join the brothel for that was the only option to live in that cruel world.

The writer criticized the double standards of our society where ladies are submissive in this patriarchal society. He criticized the traditional gender roles and advocates the liberation of women. In this story, he portrayed how a woman is oppressed in the society and he described how a male dominated society exploits their lives and shades how innocent girls are involved in the business of prostitution.

He showed this from a very strong woman’s perspective yet she had to surrender to this male-dominated society. Women aren’t emotionally or physically as strong as men which provokes them to suffer in every stages of life. Even after Nefti becomes a prostitute, she will be used like a dustbin and also will never be counted as part of the society.

For the betterment of a society, women must be treated equally and fairly like men, as they plays an important role for the developments besides men. As they are like birds, beautiful and loving creature who can make a beautiful nest out of dirt and dust.

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