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Dec 18th, 2019


Children learn to be strong and independent from a base of loving and secure relationships with parents and/or a key person. Respecting Each Other Understanding feelings At times we all experience strong emotions as we deal with difficult or stressful events. Adults and children experience a wide range of feelings. Children gradually learn to understand and manage their feelings with support from the adults around them.

Recognising their own feelings helps everyone to understand other people’s feelings and to become more caring towards others. When each person is valued for who they are and differences are appreciated, everyone feels included and understood, whatever their personality, abilities, ethnic background or culture. Friendships Friendships and relationships are an important part of children’s development from birth. As children develop socially they begin to choose best friends and show preferences for the children they wish to play with.

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While friendships and relationships are a source of fun, they also offer children the chance to give and receive practical help and emotional support.

Remember that making friends is not easy for all children, particularly those who are shy or who find it difficult to cooperate with others. Professional relationships If you value and respect yourself, you will do the same to others. Professional relationships focus on respecting and valuing the strengths, skills and knowledge of the people you work with and recognising the contribution made by everyone in your setting.

There should be open communication to ensure that everyone’s views are listened to and considered fairly, always keeping the needs of the children firmly in mind. Professional relationships are based on friendliness towards parents, but not necessarily friendship with parents. Effective practice Make time to listen to parents to learn about their feelings and identify any concerns. Be aware that many factors will influence children’s and families’ sociability.

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