Forevermore by David Archuleta
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Dec 18th, 2019

Forevermore by David Archuleta

Just days before leaving on his LDS mission, David Archuleta released his new OPM album in the Philippines titled Forevermore. This love ballad cover album is something David Archuleta fans have been waiting for since the second he stepped off the Idol stage, and finally it’s here.

The album includes David’s latest single “Forevermore,” as well as the songs “Nandito Ako” and “Wherever You Are” from David’s Filipino mini series Nandito Ako.

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David also lends his silky-smooth voice to love ballads like “I’ll Never Go” and “Maybe,” while other songs are more upbeat, but still just as lovey dovey, such as “Reaching Out” and “You Are My Song.”

Other songs on the album relate more to his mission, in a way. In “Hold On,” David sings about having a reason to hold on to a love, even while that person is gone. Perfect, huh? But the most optimistic song on the OPM would have to be “Rainbow.

” David literally sings about rainbows and butterflies in this cute, upbeat song. You might think it’d be a cheesy song, but I assure you, the way David sings the lyrics, ‘Life’s full of challenges, Not all the time we get what we want, But don’t despair my dear, You’ll take each trial and you’ll make it through the storm cause you’re strong, My faith in you is clear…’ he’ll have you believing it.

This new album is everything we love about David Archuleta, and more. So while he’s gone on his 2-year mission, remember to hold on, because there’s a rainbow always after the rain.

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