Ford and Honda
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Dec 18th, 2019

Ford and Honda

A paper which shows the reasons why the Ford Motor Company is enjoying relative financial success despite the weak economy.

The Ford Motor Company is, according to its financial statements for the last year,; in relatively good financial shape, especially if one considers the current weak state of the economy, the past recessionary months and the faint-to-invisible state of the recovery. This paper shows several of the reasons for this success including Ford’s development of environmentally friendly motor vehicles such as the best-selling EV Ranger. Similarly, the paper looks at the success behind Japanese car manufacturer, Honda. It compares the success of both companies and also their differences. The paper uses graphs for illustrating points.
Honda is also relatively open about its reporting on consolidations and R. This is; as is the case with Ford ; in some measure the result of the fact that while companies always want to maintain a competitive edge over their rivals by wrapping new products in some measure of secrecy, in the case of alternative fuel cars there is a current push for each company to establish what might be called a kind of ;psychic; market share.

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Ford and Honda
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