Food Security Concepts
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Dec 16th, 2019

Food Security Concepts

Food Security is a global issue described as every person deserves to have equal ability towards human essentials of life as food and water. Also expressed as every human deserves equal access to essentials of life. Different regions of the world are impacted by Food
Security by the development of the country is stable in the economy.

The stronger economy establishes a stable government while an undeveloped country can prosper in the future with aid. There are three different levels of Food Security established: Very Low Security, Low Food Security, Middle Food Security and High Food Security. These all are important to establish every person deserves equality towards essentials The role of education is an important aspect in regards to the impact of Food Security on the world.

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With the awareness of education in society helps decrease the amount of Low Food Society Levels in the world. There was a experiment conducted in Kenya in 2012-2017 about how the education of Food Security impacted the community. The effect of household education attainment on food security among poor urban households was investigated through testing done. To determine this by using the access to be educated about what is an important way to approach Food Security in the community.

The view that recently there has been a decline globally of the lack of Education shows insecurity of stable economy of a country. Through the experiment conducted on Nairobi, Kenya this represents the impact of Education on a society with a level of Hajdari 2 Very Low Society which can’t develop a healthy system of economy for a country. In the locations with High and Marginal levels of Food Security within a community make up a Secure category of living culture.

The High Food Security Level is a country with a High Standard of Living and Developed economy which is expressed. In the concept of clean hygiene is needed to be expressing is 20 years ed in the education because without that health rates would be lower contributing to the Standard of Livings within the country. The research was postulated that education also has indirect effects on food security by influencing income (proxied by household wealth index).

The impact of educations makes a difference in the levels of Food Security whether they are High or Low economy. Another influence to the levels of Food Security is the global system of animal agriculture use for Food production. In animal agriculture, over the past several years the use of Breeding and Genetics have contributed to animal agriculture by selective breeding to produce the best offspring and profit in money.

Animals are not and never will be be 100 percent efficient at utilizing their feed for maintenance and growth. While this is true, humans are far less efficient. Therefore, no matter what we feed animals, there will be manure (a combination of feces and urine) produced. This is often referred to as “waste” in the popular press, but in fact, animal manure is a valuable fertilizer to farmers. Come harvest time, the soil has been stripped of its necessary nutrients in order produce the crop being harvested. These nutrients need to be replaced, and there are many methods for going about this.

The improvements in Animal Health are transforming livestock in the developing world. In the ways Animals are raised by the  armer Hajdari 3 who decides what they should feed to get the best profit off the livestock raised as a product. The High Food Security Level will be most impacted because the money from the economy contributes most to Food production in a society. In the Over the past years of developing countries have changed through livestock breeding and nutrition, animal health products are being transformed to adapt to new ways of livings.

Like to access to highly effective vaccines, parasite control, anti-infectives and a range of other veterinary medicines have helped lead to healthy livestock. Inventions of new technology have influenced the rise of better statistics to the lifespan of healthy animals. With the modern day technology, the lifespan is different for each species of the animal. For examples of natural lifespan: sheep is 20 years, chickens is 8-15 years, pigs is 20 years and cattle is 20 years.

These rates of natural expectancy has increased over the years due to the impact of more healthy ways to keep animals healthy. The issue of Water Scarcity globally has become an impact towards the Food Security and levels within representing the community. Water is an essential element of life which all humans are dependent on for survival but in certain areas lack access to it.

This element is a key role in the Food Security system because agriculture, crops, livestock, etc require water to produce life. Water scarcity doesn’t affect all the parts of the world but many regions that have an undeveloped economy which limits access to clean water. The Very Low and Low Food Security levels are the most determined to gain prevention of high water scarcity existence. So developing a country to a stable economic state will influence the water scarcity to lower the rates present globally.

In Food Security is established that all humans have access to essentials of life with equality involved. The issues of education, animal health, animal, water scarcity all contribute Hajdari 4 towards the prosperity Security in many different ways. But the levels of Food Security in High and Low are concepts to support aid to the low developed countries. Food Security plays a major role in the global universe in many different perspectives.

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