Flowermouth(1994) by No Man
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Dec 18th, 2019

Flowermouth(1994) by No Man

This marks our fourth Steven Wilson based review here and I find that kind of sickening because this man is a great, great artist with so much influence and talent that he’s hard to top. In case you’re wondering what other projects of his we’ve talked about here well there’s Hand. Cannot. Erase., Fear of A Black Planet and even Opeth`s Blackwater Park as well. All of which I gave high ratings to and are of course exceptionally great.
No Man its self is a British art rock group that also features the new aged Frank Zappa. This album features very soothing and almost hypnotic atmospheres that can be easy to get lost in and hard to get out. Is that a good thing? Yes, yes it is because it shows you a very vivid atmosphere of whatever you think fills that gap. Steven Wilson also has a say in this because well, he’s in it.

From the long ten minute track Angel Gets Caught In the Beauty Trap, it kind of builds off one nice soothing riff and you hear the melodious sounds of the vocalist(who isn’t Steven Wilson this time) and you’re sent on a journey through a very natural and peaceful world. Then we get tracks like Shell of a Fighter, Animal Ghost and Simple that can change in all different ways with Simple being more frantic for example. You may not like Steven Wilson, you may not like his constant influence change but I almost guarantee you will at least like something from this album. I wish you happy trails with the album.
I give this a 10/10. Sir Steven Wilson, you are nothing short of a genius. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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Flowermouth(1994) by No Man
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