First Day of High School Essay: The purpose of the essay
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High school essay
Dec 16th, 2019

First Day of High School Essay: The purpose of the essay

My first day of high school essay will serve the purpose of sharing my personal experiences of the first day I had attended the high school with the readers. I had started preparing myself for attending the high school classes much before the day had arrived not only mentally but also physically. I felt like I would be entering a new phase of life, which will lead me towards gaining maturity and fostering development in all fields of life and career. The thoughts of entering the high school gate then used to make me with a great amount of fear, anxiety as well as happiness all at one point of time. I still feel immensely excited when the memories of those days come to my mind all of a sudden and like to excel these in order to derive favorable and/or positive outcomes. Those memories keep me spellbound thinking of the changes that I had came through in life from that day onwards. I never felt at that point of time that there was so much in the world, which I will learn within this small phase of my life. This is what I would love to describe in the first day of high school essay.

I had written the essay on my first day of high school as an assessment paper given to us by our teacher for the language class. English language, being my favorite subject used to fill me with immense pleasure when our teacher used to ask us to write creative essays and apa essay as well for custom paper. In the course of writing these papers, I always tried to convert my own thoughts and feelings into words for producing such a real life paper, which will enable the readers to explore new dimensions of life. writing a definition essay and formulating a thesis theme were certain fields that I was weak in and for which my teachers always encouraged me to work harder. These allowed me to use my analytical skills in producing a paper, making me to feel happy and greatly satisfied. My interest in writing the papers and producing the best work possible had contributed largely to writing the first day of high school essay in an efficient way.

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First Day of High School Essay: The purpose of the essay
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The first day of high school essay had certainly influenced me even more in making my life at high school meaningful and justifiable. The small phase that I had spent being a part of the high school will remain etched in my memories for the rest of the life. Moreover, the knowledge and its practical application in my personal life incurred at that point of time are likely to help me in establishing myself even amongst the tremendous competition. Writing this essay had brought into my mind the memories of my first day of school essay, which revealed my experiences when I had joined the elementary school as a child. The vast differences in the content, as well as the writing styles of both the essays, are too vast and incomparable like the differences in the ages they were written in.

The essay on my first day in high school had the detailed description of fear that I had greatly experienced during that period, especially my feelings on the night before the arrival of that remarkable day of my life. The reason behind the fear was the hidden excitement within me as I felt myself to be suddenly entering into the world of grown-ups. Moreover, the fear of the probable bullying of seniors and adjusting into a completely new environment also made me much panic-stricken. These mixed emotions eventually made me to feel tremendously awkward as the first instance of my entry into the high school building. The awkwardness went on increasing with the search of my classroom. These trifling elements had also led towards success while preparing first day of high school essay.

First Day of High School Essay: Summarizing the precious memories

High School is obviously a new era for every teen’s life as he/she steps into the college after the completion of his schooling. It offers a kind of thrill that something unexpected might happen on that day. It offers you a great feeling and the first step in college doesn’t only make you nervous but some excited as well. It’s like a transition period; like starting whole life again. We left our old friends, teachers and school mates and make new friends. So, when writing an essay on the first day of high school, it introduces us with lots of great unforgettable memories. Revisiting and re-living those memories again and penning them down in a paper is really a great stuff. So, it makes it quite easy to write such an essay if you are good at writing and know the academics essay format as well.

The first day of high school essay, which I had written with great enthusiasm, may provide the readers with vivid descriptions of the varied small as well as big events that took place during the most precious days of my life. Based on my perception, the experiences witnessed by me in high school days brought into my life not only certain innumerable memories and vast knowledge about the world but also gifted me the most valuable teachers as well as friends with whom I can share my feeling as well as emotions for the rest of my life. Those days also helped me in taking myself towards performing positive actions in life, thereby avoiding the negative ones. The complete new experiences of life where I had learnt adjusting me to all situations and likewise mitigate all barriers also proved to be quite a positive aspect in leading my life successfully with mitigating any sort of barrier. Such experiences also helped me in presenting myself the way I am today.

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