Film Concepts and Processes in the Film AnonWritten by Jordyn Essay
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Nov 19th, 2019

Film Concepts and Processes in the Film AnonWritten by Jordyn Essay

Film Concepts and Processes in the Film, Anon

Written by Jordyn Furmedge


This circumstance consider gain embody the anatomy and appraisal of the film, Anon, directed by Andrew Niccol. Firstly, there gain be treatment ardent to aid the reader interpret why this circumstance consider is written and what it is activity made for. The argument of cinematography, investigate and editing of the movie gain be embodyd in the anatomy, then the notional storytelling gain be talked encircling in the appraisal, parallel delay visual names, technical and notional skills that are apt to the thesiss.

Finally, this circumstance consider gain decide the proplant film designs and skills used in the movie Anon (2018), as courteous as any judgements made encircling the film.


“Behind the Scenes of Darker Screens” is an representation activity held by the Australian Centre for the Emotional Image, and it convergencees on the genre of dystopian films. This representation is activity held to aid teenagers interpret concepts and processes used in Film, Tv and New Media.

The representation is seeming for feelingal copy resources products that bear the footing concepts of cinematography, editing and investigate. Themes excluded futuristic technology, infecting sicknesss and uniformtual disasters are fair some of the concepts that dystopian films use to vouch teenage conferences. Dystopian feelingal-copy products are domiciled on an unreal universe where the humans and their excludeds are in some species of grieve or inadequateness. They convergence on war and offense, region substitute, sickness and uniform aliens. Big movie corporations approve Netflix and Stan, are eternally creating new films and generating this design of “dystopia”. One of Netflix’s hindmost films, Anon, proves the forthforthcoming of technology and how our secrecy can be entirely self-evident to others environing us. This film is a superexcellent solicitor to be exhibited owing of the dystopian thesiss and elements that are embodyd.


The beginning pretext of Anon imparts the conference multiple perspectives, rouseing delay an utmost hinder up on the proplant orders eyes, Sal Frieland. This imparts the design to conferences from the get-go, that this film proves the symbolism of eyes and how desireing is a key side in the formation. Throughout the film, we see a specimen of utmost hinder up shots of eyes when ending memories which are too disfixed as flashbacks. The instant shot archearchestamp is a balance shot, forthcoming from Sal’s own perspective, pretexting anything that is excluded him. This is too disfixed as a pristine-person top of end, where the conference sees what the order sees. While he is walking, anything that he sees is activity labelled and is ardent an notification box delayin the compel. Advertisements are imaginative on buildings by the use of graphics and animations. The instant shot archearchestamp is a desire shot of the tail of him, delayout any labels – fair the universe as it is. These shots are filmed on a fixed cam, then edited delay shot-reverse-shot, rotating each shot archetype. By displaying the irrelative perspectives, conferences can interpret how this futuristic universe is seen irrelatively by humans, and how companionship in the forthforthcoming is dramatically irrelative to what it is now. The colour pallet of the shots are fine and negative. There is no pop of gleaming colours as this imparts the commodities of a sombre, lugubrious vein that is a complete other era era – in the forthcoming.

When Sal is sharing manifestation of Anon (our protagonist) to Charlie, memories answer on the ward. There are manifold hinder ups on their eyes, delay a low camera intention and dialogue/investigate is very dim. This afters despite as a weighty chat, as they bear fair discovered what’s going on. The hinder up on the eyes is a symbolic motif, communicating to the conference that we are noteing the orders memories through the ward, but they are noteing a perpetuation in their inclination. The editing is narrow and friable, delay fast transitions from one shot to the instant. This is a ready way of portraying perspectives of irrelative nation throughout the film. When teenagers note this, they bear a wisdom of the stereotypical methods approve who’s amiable and bad, owing of Sal’s tailground and fact delay his branch, how his chamber is lighter and balance rare than others and the archearchestamp of quiescent n ess that plays when he’s environing in each pretext.

As the film decides the colour pallet gleamingens to symbolise the firmness of the offenses, and the non-diegetic investigate (the profound, scary quiescent n ess played when the healthy commences) in the tailground seems to bleach. The editing of notification encircling anything excluded the orders quiescent sweepings, but the memories of others aren’t as numerous, forthcoming the firmness. Motion of the camera is very quiescent and smooth, and shots are at a desireer era extension, unapprove when the healthy working to commence in the average of the film. This substitute in editing, investigate and cinematography communicates to the conference a alter in the storyline, that succeeding all Sal had been through, had been rate it owing he had plant the unexplained hacker and the circumstance was hinderd. The variety in exalted and low dissimilarity lighting, prolongation of each shot and the camera motion can transmit a entirely irrelative vein or feeling for each pretext in the film.


This circumstance consider’s design is to reply to a thesis through the visual storytelling through the film. The criteria for this appraisal gain be:

– The visual name that is seen delayin the film.

– What technical skills are concerned and how they are used.

– The approaches and incorporations of notional designs.

– What thesiss bear been transmited in the film.

The film embodys manifold thesiss, but the proplant one that occurs most throughout the film is the thesis of technology and how it controls nation’s speeds through surveillance. Dystopian films bear been environing a desire era, enlivened directors and writers succeeding literal uniformts such as the pristine lucky telelonging transmission by John Baird in 1926. This was one of the uniformts that introduced the complete design of technology preliminary balance in the close forthcoming. Also, the premiere of the pristine functional truth figment and dystopian movie, Metropolis (1927), was an expressive tramp into the dystopian film genre. Another bias would be the fabric of the pristine global computer network in USA 1969, entailing the internet. These uniformts bear shaped the universe in which we speed in, bear ardent notional directors and writers, bigwig to affect in, and use to prove what the forthforthcoming could hypothetically seem approve. The unfair examples listed aloft are a eternal rise of intuition delayin the film Anon. The use of technologies, the internet and computers are used as key thesiss to effigy the self-evident dystopian forthforthcoming of Anon.

The conference has to bear a apparent interpreting of the storyline and thesiss that are activity depicted delayin the film, and Anon is one of those films that you can supervene straight from the rouse. One of the dystopian film conferences is the design of misinstruction, through the use of surveillance. This is portrayed in the average of the film, when the undisfixed maiden meets out who Sal truly is. As quickly as she meets out, she gets vengeance on Sal, colours get sombre and the editing side embodys glitches balance Sal’s memories. Shot archetypes rouse to get hinderr, and editing of footage rouses to get narrower, unapprove the rouse of the film where shots are seen to be desire in prolongation and shot archetype. This is truly a contemptible conference, having signs of misinstruction or the design of amiable vs misfortune reproduce in films balance the years.

The visual name can be presented through the dystopian conferences and elements in the film Anon, having a negative dowdy colour pallet and slow-paced camera motions. Technical methods that after up throughout the movie are the unfair camera intentions used for each chat that occurs. When inspection someone through the eyes of a proplant order, an enlivened ward answers, and the camera intention is at eye flatten. However, when the ward isn’t illustrating someone’s inclination, the camera intention is exalted, making the orders seem feeble up until the end of the film. This imparts an off-putting vein owing the complete movie is from a entirely irrelative intention to most other movies, making it balance intriguing which dystopian films are. A symbolic method that can be seen is Sal’s flashbacks of his son, can’t be played owing they are glitched and destroyed by the undisfixed maiden. As quickly as Sal notices that his memories are wiped, he is balance fixed than constantly to meet lay-hold-on the undisfixed maiden, which can insinuate to the conference that there is balance to Sal than fair activity a scout, but that he was a dad and he tends to disguise those fine feelings. These methods bear been demonstrated to impart the thesis a significance and aid the dystopian genre after to activity.


The film Anon, directed by Andrew Niccol is an eye lay-hold-oning and thrilling film that apparently depicts a dystopian universe, through the use of the technical and symbolic conferences and methods. It does this through the use of camera intentions and motion delayin the cinematography, editing and investigate of the film. The representation “Behind the Scenes of Darker Screens” for the Australian Centre for the feelingal copy should embody this film owing of the thrilling storyline and futuristic elements that pretext to teenagers what film, tv and new resources can be truly encircling and how entertainment can be created.


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