Fearless Platinum Edition by Taylor Swift
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Dec 18th, 2019

Fearless Platinum Edition by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s sophmore album has apparently gone platinum, because, here it is, Fearless Platinum Edition.

While the original thirteen songs make an appearance on the album, the six new songs will be your reasoning’s for buying the album.

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Fearless Platinum Edition by Taylor Swift
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To be completely honest, I was expecting more from this album. “Superstar”, while it’s sweet and easy to listen to, will not be finding it’s way onto my favorites list anytime soon. It didn’t grab my attention right off the bat, and still does not have my full attention.

One of my main reasons for not liking “The Other Side of the Door” is the message: The song talks about having a stupid fight and leaving your boyfriend, only to stand there, wishing he would come running back to you. While I am quite happy to see Swift portraying some regret and responsibility in a broken relationship, instead of always claiming to be the victim, her arrogance still shines through in the fact that, instead of making things right herself, she expects her boyfriend to come and make things right, even though she admits he had nothing to do with their break-up.

The piano version of “Forever and Always”, while some may find it sweet, I found it utterly boring and unnecessary, since the original was fine the way it was.

While Swift has shown hardly any growth as a woman or as an artist, three of the new tracks shine in my eyes:

While “Jump Then Fall” has a beat that will keep you listening and snapping your fingers, and “Come In With The Rain” is a song that has also shown slight growth by regretting a break-up, “Untouchable” is my personal favorite. It’s a song to put on repeat and never take off.

While I am quite disappointed that the album did not meet my expectations and that Taylor Swift hasn’t shown much growth, I am happy she has discovered she must have had something to do with all her many break-ups. The platinum edition is not as good as Fearless itself. In my opinion, don’t waste your money. Borrow it from a friend.

*The DVD includes five music videos, over an hour of behind-the-scenes of three of those music videos, the Fearless Tour photo gallery (photos taken by Swift’s younger brother, Austin), behind-the-scenes of the first show and “Thug Story” (feat. T-Pain).

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