Fashion Psychology
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Dec 16th, 2019

Fashion Psychology

The yon notion of dressing up can be defined as an action done by humans to cover naturism. Social forces pressure people to interact, behave, or think in certain ways. The way people dress influences their daily lifestyle, in their small circles and even in the wider society.

Is the only purpose of clothes to cover people up and keep them warm? Far from it, what people wear is a reflection of more or less conscious choice.

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Fashion Psychology
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It expresses humans desire to seduce, convince, to show discretion or convey any message related to everyday circumstances. The fact that people are born naked does not dismiss the powerful effect clothing has on how they perceive themselves and the world around this essay the writer is going to discuss how the clothes we wear are sort of armour that sends message to individuals subconscious and to the individuals they interact with/avoid every day.

There is more to people’s clothing choices than they might imagine. For many people, what they wear is nothing more than a matter of habit, but when you dress in the morning it might pay to be a little more careful in the choices you make. Doing a different thing with your clothes might be a way of changing the impression others have of you. Clothes make a big difference in what others think of you, things you could’ve never imagined or even thought about.

People make their own assessments about how they are going to talk to you and what kind of a person you are to how much respect they are going to give you within a few seconds of seeing one another. Those assessments go beyond how well the person is dressed and how tidy and neat they look. The way you dress has a huge impact on how you are viewed in the society. Whether you are at work , in school or just walking at a shopping center, the society is quick to judge a person according to their physical appearance “outside” which steals away the opportunity of knowing the real character of that person “inside”.

It is very important for people to choose their style of dressing up because people will make all sort of assumptions about you without proper evidence. Clothes play the key role in people’s daily lives from how they are treated to how they are potrayed. In the society people have to try to present themselves in a manner in which they are ready to be judged. If you are going to attend a formal meeting dressed in torn jeans you are making another person wonder how you got the job. Same as a person at corner of the street begging for money should not be surprised if people do not give him any money if he is dressed in clean clothes and looking tidy. In the society you have to dress the part if you want to get what you want.

Clothing do not only correlate with people’s emotional state but it also alters it as well. Some outfits can make people feel amazing while others render people uncertain. It turns out that there is some real logic behind this phenomenon. There is a huge link between clothing choices and emotional state.

An extra effort is taken when dressing up especially when it comes with receiving extra compliments. Whether you woke up feeling ready for everything or total opposite, the clothes you choose reflects your mood even if you were not aware of it. Feeling down or sad? White the mental state most definitely affects the way we dress, how we cope in days of depression/stress can be affected by the way you are dressed. How you cope in days of depression/stress if strongly affected by the way you dress.

Any kind of clothing associated with a specific role activates your knowledge and expectations about how people from that profession should behave. For example, Wearing coats and uniforms raise consciousness to people about what their duties are and they become encouraged to pay more attention to their work. Just wearing a suit during a meeting encourages people to be professional and to be more cautious and avoid bad decision making.

This does not only apply to adults, but also school children who attend school wearing school uniforms performs better because the uniform makes school work more real and valuable to children and parents. Uniforms also acts as sort of a boundary between the person their personality for example, A person in a suits would be expected to act professional and speak/engage professionally in everything which restricts a person’s application in things.

In conclusion, this essay has shown that clothes always matter, from their functional role to the role they play in the society. The ordinary act of protecting the body from different weather conditions and covering human shame has turned into a statement that describes who we are and how we live. The clothes people wear are really a choice of theirs.

There is no wrong or write when it comes to dressing up, but it is always about how confident the person is in what they are wearing. It is very important to know that your clothes and presentation pass certain messages across about you as a person. It does not matter whether you are just an ordinary person who dresses ordinary, it is more about intentional and unconscious communication through clothing choices.

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