Farewell Speech Essay
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Nov 19th, 2019

Farewell Speech Essay

Worthy principle respected teacher and my dear fellow student a.s.a. I am Alizeh Eman from class 9 girls. Today we all have gathered here to bid the matric class of our school our farewell. This academic year is about to come to an end. We all might say that we don’t like school or we want to get out of it as soon as we can but when it all really comes to an end we know we will really miss it.

And I bet that all the matric class students understand this perfectly well since its really the end of school for them now. They have really gone through it all and will soon enter their pratical lives. I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the matric class on behalf of my whole class. This batch of the matric class shall never be forgotten. They have really been ideal seniors for us. They have correctedus when we went wrong and have patted out backs on our achievements.

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They have not only been great seniors but they have also been great students. The have certainly studid as hard as they could and have made their teachers proud and have inspired us to do the same. They have guided not only us but the other juniors as well and have always tried to give in your best to lead us to the right path. Our matric class is now at a very important stage of life. This is where a new life begins for you. It gives great sorrow to do this, but we have to bid you our goodbyes. As you step forward into this new phase of your life, we hope for you to get the very best in life. We hope from God to keep you under his protection and bless you with a great future. We hope you remember us through the years of life Personally, and on the behalf of Class 9, Our teachers and respected principle, I wish you all the best in your says ahead.

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