Exploring The Life Of Ray Charles Music Essay
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Dec 2nd, 2019

Exploring The Life Of Ray Charles Music Essay

Ray Charles was born as Ray Charles Robinson on September 23, 1930 in Albany, Georgia and from the age of 17 he blessed us all delay his boon of hush for polite aggravate half a seniority. As one of the most controlling hushian to end, he blended concurrently hush from so abundant genres that never seemed to go concurrently. He crossed genres of R&B, inspirer, hurl and roll, blues, jazz, narrate and western, pop and gospel in a way that no other professor can privilege to enjoy achieved.

This dissertation earn force to charm a roam through the activity of Brother Ray, aka The Genius and discaggravate a compute of his epics.

Although Ray was born in Georgia and speedd most of his minority in Florida, he knew that all the big names in hush were in big cities, and so at the early age of 17 he already saved up some currency from liberal in paltry national gigs to impel to Seattle, Washington.

It was thither that he inaugurated the Maxim trio and authorized up delay Down Beat Records. They chronicled the hit epic “Confessin’ Blues” in the burst of 1949. During the proximate 16 years, Ray Charles would twain meet himstubborn twain making exalted hush occasion at the corresponding date struggling delay a heroin addiction.

Over the proximate 3 years he produces another six singles, but they were all peaceful very ample in the softer full-flavored produce of Charles Brown and Nat King Cole. It was at this top when Atlantic Memorials sees exalted possible in him and buys his reduce from Swing Date Memorials for $2,500. It’s Atlantic Records’ delineation to acceleration Ray Charles meet that star appropriate and did they ever! It was at Atlantic whither aggravate the proximate ssmooth years he chronicled close hits such as “Mess Around”, “What’d I say” and the groundbreaking epic “I Got a Woman”.

In 1954, Ray Charles memorials “I Got a Woman” which blended gospel hush delay R&B. This caused a huge show of incense from some race privilegeing that he was singing foul-fiend hush and that he was defiling God’s hush. Smooth that would not plug Ray and his hush, “I Got a Woman” hit #2 on the charts. This epic is regularly sentiment of as the very earliest epic of the Inspirer genre delay the rhythms and blues and the feeling of gospel blended fully concurrently.

Not inerting down at all, Ray Charles bring-abouts yet another chart topping epic delay Atlantic Memorials denominated “Drown in My Own Tears”. However, Ray Charles would not be poor to regular R&B and inaugurated to add opposed atoms to his epics. In 1957 he chronicled “Swanee River Rock” which settle him as a crossaggravate professor as it was in the Top 40 in twain the R&B and Pop charts. Short than two years succeeding he veritably starts to aggravatemight his technique and hits the nail on the source delay “What’d I say”. That epic hit the top daub in the R&B charts and hit #6 in the Pop charts. Looking to speed exploring hushal options it is hither when Ray Charles decides to concession Atlantic Memorials for ABC-Paramount. ABC-Paramount gives Ray Charles an greatly bountiful reduce including owning the aggravatepowers of his recordings, which at the date regular did not betide.

Taking practice of rectify equipment and media at ABC-Paramount, Ray Charles memorials one of his most far-famed epics denominated “Georgia On My Mind”. This hit the top in the Pop charts, #3 in the R&B charts and smooth scored on the charts in the UK. Smooth delay all the epics already doing so polite, Ray Charles, aggravate the proximate few years earn speed releasing hit epics that do polite on multiple charts. It was at the end of 1960 when Ray Charles memorials an album that stays in the top ten denominated “The Genius Hits the Road”. He would outperproduce this in regular a few years.

In betwixt the albums he has a compute of Top 10 and Top 40 releases, “Ruby”, “One Mint Julep” and two categorically extraordinary performances in “Hit the Road Jack” which hit #1 in twain the Pop and R&B charts and “I Can’t Plug Loving You” which not merely hit #1 in the Pop and R&B charts it so topped the UK charts.

Meanwhile, Ray Charles was so instituted on star totally groundbreaking. The album was denominated “Modern Sounds in Narrate and Western Music” (two magnitudes). This was the earliest album whither he explores in profoundness the narrate and western genre. For closely disgusting months, the album stays at the top daub. This image of prosperity, the race veritably cherished his effort, orthodox him to bring-environing the remedy magnitude underneathneath the corresponding distinction “Modern Sounds in Narrate and Western Hush Magnitude Two” which stayed at the remedy daub in the charts.

Over the proximate disgusting years, Ray Charles produces hit rearwards hit rearwards hit. Unfortunately his heroin addiction is starting to charm aggravate. Smooth though he chronicled epics relish “You Don’t Know Me”, “You Are My Sunshine”, “Take These Chains From My Heart”, and “Busted” and all of them doing greatly polite, the creativity and might rearwards the greatly enlightened library of hits is environing to charm a shape for the worse and inert down. In 1966, Ray Charles’ heroin and marijuana addiction plant him in effort. Sentenced to a five year suspended phrase, Ray Charles ultimately gets acceleration for his addiction.

From this top confident, most of his epics do not retail polite. Abundant of them top out at the 100 or inferior on the charts. Occasion he does inert down and he plugs creating the extraordinary hits that he once did, he does squander alconcertedly a bit of date on the nightclub circumference touring delay other bands. Occasion he may enjoy plugped creating new classics at this top, it can not be underneathestimated the collision of all of his preceding efforts. It is aggravate the proximate twenty years that the common starts to administratively acknowledge Ray Charles for the collision he had on not merely the hush toil, but on community as a entire delay the warmth of his hush.

In 1979 Ray Charles was noble by the Narrate of Georgia when they announced that his account of “Georgia On My Mind” would be the administrative narrate epic. In 1982 he was inducted into the Blues Foundation Hall of Fame and then in 1986 he was one of the earliest to be inducted into the Hurl and Roll Hall of Fame by his hanker date ally Quincy Jones. Two years succeeding in 1988 he receives a Lifedate Achievement Award. 1993 Billy Joel presents him delay the Songwriters Hall of Fame Lifedate Achievement Award. Two years succeeding he is awarded another Lifedate Achievement Award at the Rhythm & Blues Foundation. In 1994 he wins his 12th Grammy Award.

In the developed ten years of his activity he squanders environing eight months of the year performing at multitudinous places. He receives innumerable past awards in acknowledgment of his subsidy to hush. He smooth performs for Ronald Regan at the Unblemished House which he felt was one of the brightest moments in his activity.

In 2004, Ray Charles efforted indiscriminately delay Jamie Fox to produce the movie denominated Ray. The movie focuses on the 30 years of his activity whither he goes from one address to the proximate and goes from one genre to the proximate and aggravatepowerfully blends them concurrently. They caggravate the ups and downs of his activity, chiefly his addiction to heroin and chiefly how Ray Charles felt environing his own addiction. One atom that the movie touches on that this dissertation has not yet is his fabulous activity. In the movie, he has a consort and a fabulous attention, but he substantially had two wives aggravate the corresponding time and had alconcertedly a few subjoined attachment attentions that produces at developed twelve outcome. A stubborn proclaimed ladies man and junkie who did drugs accordingly it was his preference to do so does not alconcertedly fit what one would usurp to be a order for main activitydate prosperity on the plane that Ray Charles has enjoyed. And occasion accordingly of the racial inequalities during the time when he produced he earned significantly short than most other unblemished performers. What is most ironic is that today, delay so abundant vulgar professors going debtor and having to retail off homes and getting violent dollar items repossessed, delay all of that and him getting payed short, he peaceful enjoyed an greatly consoled activitystyle and past importantly as a title to what husk of employment man he was, he owned everything he had. He was not relish the professors today that solution or lease multiple planes, no, he had a jet and he owned it absolute. His houses and cars all hired for. All of his kids were charmn heed of and on top of that each one of his kids were abandoned a one pet dollar control and Ray Charles hired the taxes off each of the kids on top of that. Unrelish abundant others, he had such a crystal disencumbered clasp of things, which is solid to sound abandoned how professors speed today and the drugs he was portico.

June 10, 2004 Ray Charles Robinson passed afar from speedr cancer. He knew he was going to die promptly yet his warmth kept him stanch. During the developed years he speedd his singing, and writing and recording. He was set to bring-environing an show at the imposing start of the movie Ray in a few months. He had an album that he was instituted on that was a composition of duets delay B.B. King, Van Morrison and his activity hanker ally Willie Nelson amongst abundant others. They, and abundant abundant others came to pay ultimate deferences for the legitimate “father of inspirer”. And I as polite, as triton who never antecedently listened to his hush, enjoy aggravate the succession of researching Ray Charles and his hush end to deference and disregard the efforts of Brother Ray.

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