Everything by Tech N9ne
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Dec 18th, 2019

Everything by Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne

Most people listen to music, whether it’s in the car, in stores, on a radio, or on their phone. Personally I hear it everywhere in the car, on my phone, and in stores. I used to listen to country most the time I mean I still do but I mostly listen to rap and hip hop. The one group that I listen to a lot is Tech N9ne. They tend to stick out there more as a weirder than the rest. They sing about stuff that no one else would think of and it would turn out good for them in the end. They have released seventeen albums from 1999 to now in 2017. But that’s not the main part they came from nothing and now they’ve got their name out there.
Tech N9nes music is different because it has that different tone in it that the rest don’t.

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Everything by Tech N9ne
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They sing songs about where they came from and how hard it was to get to where they are now. They also sing about how there life was when they couldn’t get anywhere or if something went way wrong in there life. I think personally that they sing about having to get stuff done by themselves. With no one to help them or no one to try and point them in the right direction if the went off. So I think that’s a the good part them as songwriters to have that to write off of and sing about.
So they put out there first album in 1999 and got noticed. I haven’t heard a song from the albums up until 2007. But all of there other ones are amazing from my standpoint. The songs I don’t like in the albums is the slow ones I tend to like more of the ones that upbeat songs. I think that a lot of other athletes do to but that’s just what I think. So that’s what I listen to if I’m having a bad day or just don’t want to listen to other people I will listen to it. But I really want to hear them in concert.
They have concerts all over the country and they usually sell out in about a month or lease. When they come here I want to go see them in concert to see actually if they are as good as they are they sound in the music or if they just edited the music out to make them sound better. I think they will sound a little different but everyone does from your headphones to in real life. They also got in with the label strange music studio and that’s pretty good from where they came from.
There main stomping grounds are in St.Louis Missouri. They came straight out of the hood and started making music. They didn’t have it as hard as other musicians but still was hard on them. They usually had to steal or fight for what they wanted and they would come up in a big family. But what caught my attention was that he had to raise himself because his parents were always working so he could have a better life then the rest of them.

So a lot of people have heard there music and how it is kind of difference to where it kind of gives it a edge from the rest. I couldn’t image come from nothing to being a millionaire that would be a big change. I don’t know if I could handle a change like that. I couldn’t live in St.Louis with all the crime and living on the edge and watching your back the whole time you live there.

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