Global warming is a controversial and prevalent topic that is often used with climate change when writing academic papers. As a student assigned by professors to write a good essay on climate change and global warming, you may think that this task is a bit overwhelming because of a lot of information that should be researched. There are many unsolved issues involved in this topic, and this is what makes it complex so that your case study research can be focused on many aspects. Do your best to discuss a particular issue and answer important questions to get higher grades. For example, you can pay attention to basic causes, such as pollution and tech progress, or negative effects, including trigger natural disasters. The good news is that you can find expert and skilled freelance academic writers who will help you.

  • Feel free to discuss the main causes of global warming. For instance, you can devote your academic paper to the process of greenhouse effect or industrial revolution with its impact on the increase of this effect. Don’t forget about transportation and agricultural growth because they are grounds for climate change. There are certain questions that you should answer when it comes to your writing a compare and contrast essay. Do you agree that carbon overload is a result of burning oil and gas and cause global warming? Is the process of burning fuels to get energy the cause of this problem? Does cutting forests contribute to it too?
  • Concentrate on the history of climate change and global warming. How were they discovered? What are the factors that force climate to change? Why do people need to consider climate as quite a delicate system? What is the perspective of global warming? What are its possibilities today? Besides, you can provide the readers of your essays on climate change and global warming with enough evidence throughout the history. What are scientific warnings sent to publicity?
  • Discussing the main issues of climate change in your paper is a good idea too. How can people get adopted to everything that happens to climate nowadays? Talk about possible consequences and changes in the future. What about the human control of these changes? There are other relevant and interesting thesis topics that you can use for your homework. How is it possible to grasp media attention to this urgent problem?
  • Many students prefer to research the damage made by people to modern climate. If you want to make the same choice, be sure to discuss the main agents of climate change. Do only people have a negative impact on it? What are possible solutions? How can human influence be regulated effectively? Are there any great sources of funding to regulate climate? How are political and climate changes connected? What are available international legal tools for climate regulation? What do you think about the migrations caused by this problem? It’s advisable to choose any of these topics for your essay on climate change and global warming to impress both readers and professors.
  • Take into consideration original topics about pollution. What are the biggest pollutants nowadays? Are there any pollution limits? What about toxic wastes and their dangers? Can you analyze environmental policies in your case study definition ? How does the government monitor pollution? You can also talk about industrial, air, and nuclear pollution and politics, health risks caused by it, global warming impacts on people’s health, its threat in big cities, and so on. There are many excellent topics to choose from when writing an academic essay on this subject.

How to Complete Your Research

There are specific aspects that should be considered when doing your research and writing essays on global warming and climate change, such as the following:

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  • The information you use for your academic paper must be accurate and reliable. You also need to provide references to allow professors to check the validity of your data.
  • Define the main location when discussing certain climate change issues and remember that their global state is a too broad topic to discuss in your essay.
  • Note whether global warming is recurrent, permanent, or appears sporadically, as this is what will help you prove that your opinion is right.
  • When discussing this problem, you need to use appropriate terms and sources, including religious studies, to appear more professional.
  • Think about the human activities that contribute to global warming and climate change.
  • Suggest effective solutions to this problem and those actions that can be taken fast.

Essay on Climate Change and Global Warming Basics

  • Choose a good topic. It’s the first step that should be taken when writing this academic paper and you can use the above-mentioned suggestions to find something unique and fresh.
  • Create an outline and a diagram of basic ideas. To write an impressive essay, you need to organize important thoughts before writing them down. This is what will help you see links and connections between them to structure everything correctly.
  • Make a thesis statement. It should be convincing and strong because it serves as the foundation of any academic paper.
  • Write important essay sections, such as the main body, introduction, and conclusion. Keep in mind that they should reflect your opinion and evidence.
  • Add finishing touches. You also need to proofread and edit your paper to ensure that it’s free from all possible errors.