Keywords: universal terms, importance of widespread language

Language is an important tool of understanding and connecting between any associates of an community in every domains of life. For the process of marketing communications and understanding to look smoothly, one got to know and be alert to signs, icons and meanings associated with each language, as well as the social part behind each symbol and indication. Learning a spanish especially British can help felicitate an individual and community ways of understanding what is going on and help integrate and reap the benefits of achievements as well as increase innovation. Although English is regarded as the number one spoken language on earth. ‘one out of every five people on the entire Globe can speak British to some extent’ [englishenglish. com] this means fifth of the world which is insufficient as those loudspeakers come from different parts of the world plus they come with different track record, culture, value and values. The English spoken in the united kingdom is not the same English spoken in USA or Australia.

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The importance of finding a common language due to increased activity of individuals and the option of different types of communication such as the internet and other means in economical, scientific fields and the growth of economic orders between countries and international companies to help communication in meetings between staff of the companies. The openness of the labor market which really is a consequence of globalization made it easier for individuals to travel around and look for jobs in every parts of the world which resulted in the quest for employers and major companies for taking benefit of this and search for career that reduces cost and maximizes income, but, there is a challenge that comes along with it, the planet is diverse, people result from different characters, ethnicities, traditions and dialects. Language is not just words that are placed together and organised into a word; it is knowing of cultures, customs and principles. Therefore, the dialect exchanged in many companies especially international ones has a huge importance, since it means the simple exchange of information and data associated with the job among the staff as well as instructions granted by the managers, it brings employees deeper together if they can understand the other person and understand any technological terms that relate with the work.

Religion, language and cultures are all factors that require to be taken into factors when doing business. Each individual is shaped by their own culture, where they realize it or now. Our very own opinions, values and activities are reliant on the background we come from. We only realize our differences whenever we are confronted with another culture and a different way of doing things. It is important to understand a culture to be able to talk so that everything moves smoothly without facing problems.

A worker speaking little British might have a hard time interacting and speaking up and being frustrated whenever needing to speak the words, I personally experienced this way whenever i was at France and just began to learn French. It’s the concern with being judged and insufficient assurance in knowledge which may lead them to be closed in their personal space or a whole lot worse thing would be not understanding what they have to do exactly and performing wrong because these were afraid to require help.

There are different types of vocabulary that are not simply portrayed by words and terms the is employed in a different way between females and men and they all affect how people deal with one another in a multicultural business/work environment.

Despite the many differences in determining the concept of language, I think it is fine to agree that it’s the tongue of a culture; it’s the route where information trips in a land and from a country to another.

Language is a pulse that interacts with thoughts and feelings and affects them. Language is a serious mental logic that gives ideas and gestures.

Body Language

Body vocabulary is conversing with people with no words spoken that are used in all aspects of working with others. Actions by individuals, utilizing their hands, facial expressions, tone of voice and headshaking so that the addressee is aware of the note better and often utilized by someone unable to express what they would like to say in words and wanting to clarify by causing hand actions.

Body language is an essential mean of communication with others that can be used on daily basis. Non verbal communication is really important in every culture, as communication is not always with the use of words. Therefore, understanding body gestures and deploying it in a a powerful manner, can improve connections with others and may also help conquer and package with different situations which can come in contact with when conducting business. Problems may appear from the misunderstanding of palm gestures or any other kind of physical indicators, because they often means a very important factor in on culture and also have a totally different so this means in another.

You can change your body dialect at work and the way you are viewed work, what your non-verbal communication and body language sends different emails to the people you use within an intercultural environment depending on where they result from. Despite the fact that smiling is a kind of welcome in many cultures, it can be seen as a form of embarrassment in a few Asian cultures. Working with different nationalities and understanding body language is a value to the employees. In certain places the right body language can help others see your openness, overall flexibility and integrity. Especially in American ethnicities because they are about business and getting things right therefore, relaxing upright in a chair during a appointment says that you are open up and alert. Nonetheless it can transform completely once you put your hands behind you mind or cross hands before chest, instantly you are expressing boredom and superiority and places you in a defensive position. Clenching fists that is related to anxiety or stress, scratching nose, building a bridge with hands, demonstrates on lack of interest often will make the people around you feel uncomfortable. Maintaining vision contact translate into honesty, but it is ok to look away sometimes as possible viewed as starring or being strong or in some Asian culture it could be looked as intimidating.

Respecting personal space of others is a good way expressing body language in a work place. Personal space varies to individuals from different races. (ad example for the British isles here) Determining the appropriate body language in a place of work with regards to touching might be somewhat sensitive. A firm handshake is welcoming but touching someone on the arm, tapping on the back maybe not be. Some think it is normal and some others maybe feel uneasy with it.

In India the regular shaking of the top laterally can be misunderstood as a non verbal way of declaring no but is the contrary as it is a way to show that they understand what you are saying or a sign of contract. Where in America shaking your head is an indicator of disagreeing and stating “no” while people from some countries raise their chins. English people are said to be more reserved and formal. People in america are believed more available and outgoing, while Australians are seen as casual and comfortable.

Gender language

Different interests and tendencies between your two genders might be considered a reason why they speak differently. Even though woman and men stay in the same environment or have the same education and lever of job growing up there were things that were acceptable for children to do or say and were regarded as inappropriate for girls which is maybe a reason they communicate in another way.

A man has his own way of appearance, he uses words that correspond with the meaning of what he wants to state exactly and briefly using specific terms that he really means while keeping sequence. A woman may speak with simpler content. Despite the fact that they speak the same dialect, they do not discuss in similar framework. Men glorify electric power, efficiency and accomplishment. They do what to verify themselves, develop skills and talents they have, determine themselves by their capacity to attain results. Giving advice to a man without him requesting it might make him feel like he will not know what he’s doing. Woman are very the contrary, they appreciate communication, beauty and human relationships. Their ideas of themselves are decided b their thoughts and quality of the connections, they feel satisfied by participation, interacting and residing in touch. Which can maybe lead to woman getting more jobs in the service sector as they require being chatty, social and needing to face and offer with customers.

The different way of experiencing things in a professional environment can lead to major miscommunication between the two genders. “women and men strategy communication with different interpretive frames. Where you can expect direct explicit affirmation, the other maybe anticipating indirect expression. Not indicating men are direct and women are indirect when one expects directness and the other uses indirectness wrong interpretations and miscommunications would be the result.

In a work place if a supervisor who is man asks an employee who is female to finish a report he could be very immediate and straight to the idea while if it was a lady employer she might choose her words more carefully and try not to be very pressuring if the job she requested is not urgent.


Sigmund Freud said “He that has eyes to see and ears to listen to may convince himself that no mortal will keep a key. If his lip area are silent, he chatters along with his fingertips; betrayal oozes out of him at every pore. “

The classification of paralanguage is non verbal method of communication such as you of tone of voice, laughter and sometimes gestures and facial expressions that accompany talk and convey meaning. Silence can even be considered as a kind of paralanguage, even when we say nothing we mean something. For example, when a tutor decides to stop speaking during a lecture due to noise in the area waiting for the students to be aware of the silence and start paying attention.

In intercultural communication, paralanguage can be a little puzzling. For instance, Europeans interpret the loudness of Us citizens to aggressive behavior, while People in america might think the British are secretive because they talk quietly. Talking swiftness and the quantity of silence in discussions also differ among cultures. The Japanese are comfortable having several pauses in their discussions, while People in the usa and many Arabic people are uncomfortable with any silence. Knowing this can help the work movement in a firm go well without having workers and personnel being offended and tense because you can change people and exactly how they act you merely have to adapt to the environment and recognize change.

Learning and understanding the vocabulary used between the staff and supervision is vital as it demonstrates the power and depth of the relationship between the supervision and the groups that belong to it. Which can be shaken or transformed by the interpretation or misinterpretation of this language, in particular when the administrations exercises its power on employees.

Knowing the meanings of words and sentences without knowing this is and social contextual use of each word is imperfect knowledge and the allegation that the foreign language learner doesn’t need to know the ethnic aspects contrasts with many goals of learning a spanish.