The emperor Akbar acquired many interests. He liked participating in chess and soaring kites; He liked listening to experiences of other lands; but his favorite hobby was collecting horses, good horses.

One day a horse dealer arrived to the palace. He previously a team of horses to market. The emperor arrived and looked at the horses.

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“They are incredibly fine horses, ” said Akbar. “I’ll buy them. Have got any longer?”

“No sir, ” said the supplier. “But if you give me some cash, I’ll go to Afghanistan and buy even more. “

Akbar provided the horse seller two hundred metallic rupees for the team of horses, and two hundred rupees more to bring more horses from Afghanistan. He offered him the money but he did not ask him any questions. He didn’t ask what his name was, where he originated from, or where he lived. The horse dealer took the amount of money and proceeded to go away.

A few days later, Akbar asked Birbal to make a set of the ten biggest fools in India. Birbal made the list very quickly, and required it to the emperor. As Akbar commenced to read it, his eyes opened extensive. The emperor’s name was at the top of the list!

“What’s this, Birbal?” the emperor shouted. “Why is my name near the top of the list?”

“You are entitled to to be at the top, ” Birbal discussed. “You offered money to a stranger, and you simply didn’t ask who he was or were he came from. Isn’t that foolish?”

“But I gave him the money to buy horses, ” said Akbar. “When he brings me back the horses, I’ll. . “

“When he brings you the horses, I’ll remove your name from the top of the list, and I’ll write his name there instead, ” said Birbal.

Then Akbar recognized he previously indeed been foolish.

1a) Take the account of “The set of fools” and write as many questions as possible think of; use as many question types since you can for each of the five levels. Obviously, you would not use most of them in one lesson.


1) What is the emperor’s name?

Answer : his name is Akbar

2) The emperor likes to play chess?

a) true b) false

Answer : true

3) Have the emperor buy horses?

Answer : Yes he did

4) Just how much did the emperor purchase the horses?

Answer : the emperor paid 200 magic rupees

acceptable answer : 200 silver precious metal rupees.

5) Performed the emperor need it more horses?

a) Yes b) No

Answer : yes


1) How many hobbies does indeed the emperor have?

a) 1 b) 2 c) 4 d) 5

Answer : 4

2) Who came up to the palace?

a) Birbal b) the equine dearler

Answer : the equine dealer

3) What is Akbar’s preferred hobby?

a) playing chess b) collecting horses

Answer : collecting horses

4) Performed Akbar as k the equine supplier his name ?

Answer : no he didn’t

5) Exactly what is a fool?

a) someone ridiculous b) someone intelligent

Answer : someone silly


1) Where does Akbar live?

Answer : he lives in India

Acceptable answer : in India

2) What do Akbar ask Birbal to do?

Answer : He asked to make a set of fools

Acceptable answer : a set of fools

3) Where have the horse seller say he was going?

Answer : he said he was going to Afghanistan

Acceptable answer : to Afghanistan

4) Do the horse seller come back?

a) yes b) no

Answer : no

5) Who was simply together with the “set of fools”?

Answer : It had been Akbar

Acceptable answer : Akbar


1) Name all of Akbar’s hobbies and interests?

Answer : playing chess, collecting horses, traveling kites and listening to stories

Answers may not necessarily maintain this specific order

2) What is a team of horses?

Answer : It is a group or a bunch of horses.

3) When does Akbar ask Birbal to help make the set of fools?

Answer : A few days later

4) Why was Akbar amazed by Birbal’s list?

Answer : he was stunned because his name was at the top.

Acceptable answer : his name was on the list

5) Why did Birbal write the emperor’s name on the list?

Answer : He had written the emperor’s name because the emperor gave money to a stranger without knowing his name or where he came from.

Acceptable answer : He offered money to a stranger


1) Who is wiser, Akbar or Birbal?

Answer : It is Birbal

2) Why did Akbar offered another 200 sterling silver rupees to the horses dealer?

Answer : To get another team of horses

Acceptable answer : to buy more horses

3) Do you think the horse seller will come back again ?

Answer : A lot of this answer will be based upon the students point of view.

a) The best clear would be that the horses dealer is not going to come back and that he was smarter than the emperor.

b) Some students may choose to answer yes, thinking that the equine dealer is an genuine man.

4) In the opinion, why do you consider Akbar never asked the equine dealer’s name or where he originated from?

Answer : Because Akbar respected the horse dealer

5) Why does Akbar interrupt Birbal?

Answer : because Akbar was furious to see his name on the list

Acceptable answer : he was angry

1b) When you yourself have done this, determine the approximate years and level of a school of students with whom you could use the storyplot.

i) Presume you are employing it for listening comprehension, and make a selection from the above – say, 20 questions for oral question and answer. Give the answers that you expect from the students and which you would find satisfactory.

This is a category of young adults at a pre-intermediate level. The passing “The list of fools” has been used for tuning in understanding and speaking practice. A list of twenty questions has been establish.

What is the emperor’s name?

Answer : His name is Akbar

Where is the emperor’s palace?

Answer : the palace is in India

What is Akbar’s favorite hobby ?

Answer : his favorite hobby is collecting horses

What kind of horses does the emperor like ?

Answer : he prefers fine horses.

Who arrived to the palace?

Answer : the horses dealer

Did the emperor like the horses ?

Answer : yes he did

What enables you to think the emperor liked the horses?

Answer : because he wished to buy more horses

How much altogether do the emperor pay the horse dealer?

Answer : he paid altogether 400 sterling silver rupees

Where was the horses dealer heading :

Answer : he would Afghanistan

What is the horse dealer’s name ?

Answer : it was never mentioned

Do you think the equine dealer should come back ?

Answer : The answer will vary according to the students, some may choose to believe the horses dealer can be an honest man, while others may consider the seller is dishonest and will not come back.

Who is Birbal in the storyline ?

Answer : he is the court adjuster, or like the Best Minister.

Why do you think the emperor never asked the equine dealer any questions?

Answer : The answer will vary in line with the students, some may think the emperor respected the horse seller, while others may believe the emperor had not been very smart.

What have the emperor ask Birbal to do?

Answer : he asked him to make o set of the ten biggest fools in India

What is a “fool” ?

Answer : a ridiculous person or anyone who has done something silly

In the storyplot, what do you think the manifestation “His eyes opened up wide” suggest?

Answer : It expresses the emperor’s wonder when he saw his name at the top of the list of fools.

Explain why was the emperor stunned to see his name on the set of fools ?

Answer : The answer will create multiple answers. The primary answer will be, as the emperor he should be not be included as he’s the ruler of India.

Who do you think is smarter? The emperor or the horses dealer?

Answer : the horses dealer when planning on taking the money.

Why performed the Emperor shout at Birbal?

Answer : He noticed insulted to be at the top of the list

Why do Birbal interrupt the Emperor by the end of the story ?

Answer : to help make the Emperor recognize that he had been foolish for trusting a complete stranger with money.

1b) When you have done this, decide the approximate age and level of a category of students with whom you could utilize the story.

Now assume you are employing the storyline for intensive reading. Prepare a worksheet of 10 questions screening comprehension and vocabulary. (Some but not all may be just like those in i. ) Include at least 2 multiple-choice questions and two WH questions. Signify the answers you’ll find suitable.

This is a category of young adults at a pre-intermediate level. The passage “The set of fools” is being used for rigorous reading. A worksheet of ten (10) questions has been placed to test the comprehension and vocabulary.

What can be an Emperor ?

Answer : He’s a man who is the ruler of an empire / a ruler, a royal leader

In the phrase “A team of horses”, The term “team” can be replaced by :





Answer : b) several horses

Where does indeed the story happen ?

Answer : the story takes place in India

Find and list all the correct nouns from the storyline :

Answer : Akbar, Birbal, Afghanistan, India

What type of stories performed the Emperor like ?

Answer : He liked testimonies of other lands

In the phrase ” Isn’t that foolish?” The term “foolish” can be changed by :





Answer : c) silly

In the sentence : “He liked hearing stories of other lands” Exactly what does other lands means ?

Answer : This means other countries.

What are pastimes ?

Answer : a task that you enjoy doing in your free time ( interest, pastime)

Was the horse dealer an honest person and why ?

Answer : No he had not been genuine because he did not come back with more horses.

Why did the horse supplier come to the palace ?

Answer : He came to sell horses.