Would you prefer some fries with this, sir?

This is exactly what you notice at any McDonald’s restaurant you will come by. You order a burger, and they offer you their crispy, yummy, juicy, famous French fries. The human brain is telling you to adopt it, however your heart is letting you know to stop because it can hardly breathe anymore. People, with their busy schedules, go to junk food restaurants day-to-day without thinking if it’s smart to eat there or not. It really is cheaper and faster than other restaurants but the food is not good because of their health. Despite its convenience, junk food can be quite dangerous to us over time, which is why we should be familiar with the potential risks and effects it can give us so we can live a wholesome lifestyle.

One problem with junk food restaurants is that it’s very addictive. After we eat there, we want more of it because it is so cheap, yummy and filling. Living near by an easy food restaurant doesn’t help either because we will want to eat there more. It will be the first place we’ll think about when we get hungry. It’ll be a good hangout place also with the cordless internet routers put into the area.

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Another problem is their growing variety of restaurants and their advertising. We find them everywhere; on the road, on taxis and buses, on billboards, on buildings and other places. Also, we need not go with their restaurants to get their food because they will have their delivery hotlines. It does increase the number of people eating junk food because most people enjoy it better when their food involves them rather than the harder, traditional way of resting and eating at a restaurant.

Lastly, fast food restaurants provide us food with food content that provides us very little nutritious content. They use really cheap ingredients which will make junk food contain high amounts of sodium, cholesterol, unwanted fat and calorie consumption which can cause certain diseases like overweight, high blood circulation pressure, and other center diseases.

Fast Food Addiction

Bringing young children to junk food restaurants for breakfast time is a terrible decision to make because the child can get addicted to the flavour and taste of the meals. After the child gets dependent on it, he or she will not stop asking for more. The theory that fast food is preferable to other food will be implanted into their heads and they’ll get addicted even until adulthood. It is best to make children practice consuming more nourishing food such as fruit and veggies.

Fast Food Restaurants and Advertisements

We don’t have time to get ready a meal with the occupied schedules we’re given now, we think it’s better to eat at an easy food restaurant instead and we just forget about eating healthy. Fast food gets more in demand as we know it, resulting to the development of the junk food industry. As they get bigger, more folks will come to eat at their restaurants. Now with their delivery hotline, people can just make an effort to call their amounts and the food will be delivered to their doorstep after half an hour. With an instant drive-thru, you get your food in under 15 minutes or less! They make everything easier and faster for us because they know that that’s what we want. We also see so many adverts around us, whether we are in home or on the road. The adverts are on the air, on billboards, on the internet, in papers, and in journals. It’s as if they’re phoning out to us and putting the idea in our heads to consume their food at their nearest restaurant at the earliest opportunity. They provide us easy to remember numbers so that we can call them anytime and anywhere without having to go through the directory e book. Most fast food restaurants are now wide open 24/7 so we can stop by or call them anytime we want. Because it’s so easy, we get very much accustomed to eating at fast food restaurants that people won’t need to look at their selections to really know what we want. This just shows us that eating there may be more of a workout for us now. At around three in the day, we get hungry and the first thing that arises in our minds is “I’m craving for McDonald’s Fowl McNuggets right now, with fries and an Apple pie!” What most people don’t realize is that eating an excessive amount of it’s very dangerous for us because we are not aware of this content.

Food Content

Fast food can make us very full even at a cheap price. The explanation for it is because fast food restaurants use cheap elements because of their food that have high levels of sodium, cholesterol, calorie consumption and excessive fat (Children’s Hospital Boston).

There are a whole lot of uses for sodium. It can be used to protect food, boost its flavour, also to prevent the progress of pathogens. But sodium can cause very dangerous results if one consumes an excessive amount of it. It could give us a rise in blood pressure and a high risk of heart and soul diseases. According to the American Heart Association, it’s best if one restricts their sodium intake to significantly less than 1, 500 mg of sodium per day(American Heart Connection, Inc. ). The meals on the McDonald’s menu with the highest sodium content is the McDonald’s Spanish Omelet Bagel with a sodium content of 1570 mg (Fast Food. com). That’s more than the sodium intake one must take in per day in a single bagel.

Fats, with the right amount, are good since it continues us warm and cushions our organs within our body. Some essential fatty acids are essential to your body because they are used up for energy and become part of our body chemicals, such as hormones. Excess fat are labeled into two types: saturated fats and unsaturated extra fat. Unsaturated fats are located only in herb products while saturated fats are found in canine products. Another name for saturated fats is cholesterol. Cholesterol helps your body to soak up what we need, although too much cholesterol is also harmful to our body. It can cause heart diseases and osteoporosis because it can lean the bones (Berkoff 124).

Calories are released in the digestion and absorption of food. Some food and beverages contain calories. We have to not fret about if there are calories from fat in food or not, but how much calories from fat food has. The suggested calorie intake daily for all of us is 2000 calories from fat. Junk food is filled with very high levels of calories the particular one breakfast meal can have up to 1000 calories from fat. That’s one half the energy you can take up in a day.


Fast food can cause us a whole lot of bad diseases like fatness and high blood circulation pressure. Being obese will not only lower our self-esteem, additionally, it may increase hazards of hypertension, cardiovascular disease, stroke, arthritis, diabetes plus some types of cancer.

Statistics show that more than 190 million in the American society are obese and the diseases that are related to obesity costs 147 billion us dollars yearly (Doane). Plainly, something should be done relating to this, and not only in America. We ought to be very aware of the food we eat and the things we do. A method is to not make eating fast food a routine for us by thinking of the possible implications it can give us. A good idea to prevent fatness is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise daily to use up the energy that people consume.

One child fighting obesity stated that “she began attaining weight when her family started out buying cheaper foods” (Doane). She discovered that she became obese when they started to budget their food and to get cheaper food instead, specifically, food from fast food restaurants.