Effective tips on how to write an expository essay
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Dec 16th, 2019

Effective tips on how to write an expository essay

Of course, like many other learners you’re also eager to learn how to write an expository essay. To your great luck, we’ve already come up with a pretty good recipe. Just attentively follow the tips illustrated here below.

The major purpose of any expository essay is to explain a certain topic in a straightforward and logical way. Just forget about unnecessary bells and whistles if you really want to grasp the very basics of how to write an expository essay step by step. This type of essay presents rather a fair and well-balances analysis of the given subject based on true facts. In this case, there aren’t any references to the author’s point of view and emotions.

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Effective tips on how to write an expository essay
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A typical expository writing prompt offers such words as «define» or «explain.» For instance, you may be assigned to clearly explain how computers have changed the lives of today’s students. As usual, authors aren’t given precise instructions as for forming their opinion. They’re just asked to explain and nothing else.

A great number of people associate expository writing with a life skill. Indeed, more than any other type of writing, this type is a must-have requirement for many careers. The right understanding and following the proven steps of the writing procedure definitely helps any authors, including students as well as other learners.

A typical expository essay is composed of five paragraphs. The introductory paragraph contains the major idea o thesis. The next three paragraphs, also known as the body of the text, offer details, supporting the thesis statement or your main idea. As for the concluding paragraph, it restates the major idea and ties together the key points of your essay.

Now, we’ve finally come up to a bunch of worthy expository essay tips for every part of your writing work. It’s a common occurrence that every essay regardless of type normally starts with a prewriting phase. During this phase learners brainstorm the topic as well as main idea. After this, they conduct research and take notes. The next step suggests creating an outline, illustrating the information to be presented in every paragraph and organized in rather a logical sequence.

The next stage involves drafting. When working on the initial draft of your expository essay, you should consider the following nuances:

  • Each of your body paragraphs needs to disclose a separate point developing your essay’s thesis. The sentences of every paragraph should provide clear facts as well as examples in order to support the essay’s topic.
  • The most crucial sentence of the introductory paragraph is the topic sentence. It states the thesis or key idea of your essay. Your thesis needs to be strictly stated without providing an opinion.
  • The concluding paragraph is expected to reinforce your thesis statement as well as your major supporting ideas. Avoid introducing new materials in the conclusion.
  • As you know, an expository essay discusses a situation, event or views of other people and it never deals with a personal experience. As follows from this, you should avoid writing in the first person. Instead, make use of the third person narration.

You’ve finally finished with drafting and it’s time to have your essay revised. During this phase, you should review, modify and then reorganize your writing work with the only purpose to improve it. Pay attention to the following considerations:

  • Make sure your expository essay provides an unbiased analysis, which rolls out logically and offers relevant facts as well as examples.
  • Your expository essay should communicate actual information to the audience.
  • Its sentence structure needs to be varied. Certainly, the word choice should be precise.
  • Stay away from the so-called «paragraph sprawl.» That’s the exact situation, when the author loses focus and drifts away from the theme by introducing useless details.
  • Perhaps, it makes sense to use transition between sentences as well as paragraphs to help readers to get to the meaning of your essay.
  • Your concluding paragraph should communicate the meaning and value of your thesis as well as main supporting ideas.

If your expository essay is still missing the mark, you require paying special attention to the topic sentence. As usual, a really good thesis statement leads to a perfect essay. With a well-built thesis you’ll have no difficulties with shaping a successful essay.

Editing your expository essay is the next and almost final stage of the writing process. At this stage, you require proofreading your essay and correcting grammar and spelling errors if you’ve already spotted them. Don’t forget to improve the overall clarity and style of your expository essay. In general, your essay needs to be engaging, lively and concise enough. You’d better have someone read your expository essay if you really want to disclose hidden glitches.

Publish the ready-made expository essay. Share this stuff with the rest of your class. It’s going to be an extremely exciting experience.

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