Edgar Allan Poe
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Dec 18th, 2019

Edgar Allan Poe

According to the first paragraph, what characteristics of the “Red Death” make it such a horrible disease? The “Red Death” killed its victims in almost thirty minutes. The symptoms included sharp pains, dizziness, and bleeding from the pores. Describe in detail Prospero’s plan for escaping the epidemic. Prospero’s plan for escaping the epidemic was to go into hiding with his 1000 friends. He hides from the Red Death by living in the safety of his palace and not letting anyone out or in. What do the ebony clock and its arresting chimes add to the plot?

Can you think of any symbolic value the clock might have? The ebony clock and its chimes add to the plot because you can think of the clock and its striking on the hours as the “Hands of Time” and it is symbolic of the time we each have left in this world before “Death” comes for us.

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What symbolic evidence can you find in Poe’s use of the following: the number seven The symbolic evidence found in the number seven could be the seven rooms representing the days of a week. the use of colors, especially the black and scarlet in the seventh room The use of colors could represent the stages in a person’s life.

The first room is blue which means faith and truth. White means the center of a person’s life. Black and scarlet mean death. the movement from east to west in the sequence of the rooms and throughout the story The movements from east to west are the movements of the sun. East means beginning and west means the end. In the last paragraph, Poe alludes to a prophecy from the Bible: “For yourselves know perfectly that the Day of the Lord so cometh like a thief in the night. ” (1 Thessalonians 5:2) “The Day of the Lord” is a way of referring to Judgment Day, or the last day of the world.

In your opinion, how does this allusion add a layer of meaning to this story? This allusion shows an end to the prince because it was very greedy of him to ignore his people while he had a good time in the safety of his palace. “The want of parental affection,” wrote Poe “has been the heaviest of my trials. ” Explain why Poe would make such a statement. Poe said that because Poe want the approval and affection from a parental figure and he never really had a close parental figure. What prominent military academy did Poe attend? Did he graduate? Why or why not?

Poe attended West Point Military Academy, but did not graduate because he knew that he would not inherit anything from John Allen. In great detail, comment on Virginia Clemm. Virginia Clemm was Poe’s 13 year old cousin that he eventually married, however, she died of tuberculosis in 1847. Why is much of what we know about Poe wrong? The reason much of what we know about Poe is wrong is his biography was written by one of his enemies in an attempt to defame his name. From 1835 – 1837 Poe edited for what publication? Poe edited for the Southern Literary Messenger.

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