Dr. Strangelove Book Analysis
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Dec 16th, 2019

Dr. Strangelove Book Analysis

The author of the book makes wide exploration to nature about effective leadership during the times of changes and how it is defined to the future corporation. He describes heretic as a visionary, and one who creates change in an organization. One who is able to create a balance in the contrary truths, which people cannot deny against their loyalty to their organizations? The book, The Age of Heretics clearly reveals how managers can at times get stuck in the counterproductive ways that they use in doing their own things.

The book also explains why it takes a heretical point of view to get past deadlock and move forward. It has been used in wide range for many years and many readers get interested to the book, since it has a lot of moral teaching. The book has many characters, however, and in this case, only minor character is going to be looked at. In so doing, the research will examine the life history of the character Herman Kahn, his work as well as the contributions he made in the society. From his characterization, there are series of lessons that the readers can learn from him and is worth shearing.

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Despite being a minor character, Herman Kahn appears to be interesting in his characterization. He is the founder director of a freewheeling think tank, which is the Hudson Institute. The institute is located on the North of New York City, and it is specialized in a type of future stories that Kahn calls scenarios. These stories are very instrumental, since they help people in break past their mental blocks and also to have great thoughts about the future life. Through the stories, people are able to prepare for their future and amend them appropriately, because the stories are very much encouraging and have moral teaching about life.

During those past years, Kahn contributed an idea that people considered to be heretical. His idea trended in almost all parts of the New York City and the natives were pleased. He brought to the attention of the people the best way to prevent nuclear war. The only and the best way to do this is to make people think in a sober way and in full details what would happen if the war occur.

Occurrence of the war would lead to massive deaths and loss of property, and therefore, it would be important for people to live in love and unity most of the time in order to evade such like destructions. In his book, On Thermonuclear War, he describes various ways through which nuclear power results into global confrontations and frustrations. A good example is given when the United States devastated Moscow after the destruction of the New York City by the Soviets.

In the book, Kahn is used as part of the model for the title character in Dr. Starangelove. He gleefully adopts his trademark phrase in a logical way that makes other people think astonished. He is one character who thinks of unthinkable, and is able to make ways where there seems to be no way. He does all these from a bitter exchange of unpublished letters with the editors of Scientific American immediately after the publication of the magazine in a harsh review for his book. In this scenario, he brings his scientific skills and thought, which makes people to amaze in his ways of dealings.

He devotes himself and bring forth the thoughts on how nuclear war can be prevented, an idea which had not been thought before. In his thinking, he argued back that taboos like Flanagan’s deflected awareness of people. He also said that avoiding the subject of nuclear war would make it extremely hard to rationally cope with the research findings a way to prevent it.
He is also recognized by an impressive mythic figure. Physically, he is over six feet tall and weighs about three hundred pound. With this height, he moved through his days with relentless energy. This is an indication that he had a lot of energy and could walk many distances while with need of saving the society.

His colleagues remember him for barreling through airports at a high and top speed while carrying two heavy bags full of research books, which he had bought. While walking, he harried assistant scrambled frantically, who would keep up, and passerby leaped out of his path in order to avoid collision. Often, he spoke in public while striding around the stages in his sleeveless shirt, and cracking a lot of jokes, and sweating with exertion of getting out his words.

Kahn is a fierce and unrelenting debater. He is known as one who knows how to charm the audience. He is a public orator, and people get carried away while he is speaking. People could feel their place in the grand scheme of his historical stories as he talked about the promise of the industrial revolution, and how it was still in its infancy. In his speech, he also recognized that his cosmic time frames made him treat facts loose, and for this reason, he did not hide any fact.

He could speak the bitter truth and would not mind even if it would offend his listeners. Because of this reasons, most people liked him. Indeed, he had photographic memory, and he could talk extemporaneously and accurately about the subject he chose to speak about. Nonetheless, he never thought the specific of the details was that important. One of his interesting and favorite stories was about bloodthirsty Tuareg tribes of the Sahara. “Irrespective of the abuses they made, rape, burning of the villages, slavery, they never poisoned drinking wells and people could still survive, for if they destroyed the wells, they too would die” After such strong and powerful words, he would stand then shakes with silent laughter. In so doing, his audience stared at him with a lot of sympathy.

It is also important to learn that Kahn was the first pundit to alert American corporate leaders about the need to watch the rise of economic rivals in Japan. He deflated one War Gaming Agency scenario, where the United States emerged out of a nuclear skirmish as victors over the Soviet Union against their enemies. He enlightened the community about most of the things that they initially did not know. In summary, Kahn is a very pivotal character in the book, because of his major contributions and how he made the community exposed. Trough his character traits, a lot can be derived. He is one who has lot courage and stands for what are right. He is a scholar and many people learnt a lot of things from him.

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