Does School Prepare You for Work Essay
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Nov 19th, 2019

Does School Prepare You for Work Essay

Nowadays, it’s harder for fresh graduate to get employed because of the competition among one another. Many people have degree certificates now, as it is becoming more common and institutions are looking more for experiences over certificates. But then the purpose for going to colleges or universities are not mainly for the certificate provided, but mainly to get prepared for work later on. Well, for the key for success, the skills we need are to have academic knowledge to understand more about the field we’ve chosen, morality to gain trustworthiness in our working field and also communication to help us do better in our career.

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Does School Prepare You for Work Essay
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With knowledge, We can utilize the skills we learnt in school in our work field in future. Well, lecturers will teach us the basic that could help us in the specific career field we’ve picked, for example I’m now thinking of being an accountant in future that’s why I took accounting for my degree.

Also, school can enable us prepare for our job as we learn how to write resume to be submitted before the interviews are carried on. In school, we’re also taught to have manners and a good behavior.

Basically we’ve to respect the elderly, like teachers, in working field, we have to pay respect to our fellow colleagues and boss in order to gain loyalty. The second thing which is important is honesty,no one wants to employ a untruthful employee in their company that can’t be trusted. Another important thing is social communication, eye contact is a very important thing we shouldn’t missed out. We can participate more in public speaking which could help us to build more confidence and competency to help in our future jobs as charisma could help us become the leader.

Working also enquire a lot of teamwork, so we should be more cooperative and always listen to each other’s opinion. As a conclusion, I think that by putting effort, we could definitely acquire a stable job that gives you a fixed income and also should approach for advice when we’re reluctant instead of ignoring it. With knowledge, manners and the right way to communicate, we wouldn’t have any worries for getting a job in the future.

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