DIGITAL STOP WATCH Group membersSyed Talha Mairaj Essay
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Nov 19th, 2019

DIGITAL STOP WATCH Group membersSyed Talha Mairaj Essay


Group members

Syed Talha Mairaj : ID 9457

Adi Samama : ID 9359

Shahzaib Umer : ID 9346

Class Id :100616

Department of Electrical Engineering

PAF-KIET, Karachi


We use Stopwatches for many purpose.Particularly it uses in different competition and sports activities .

Stopwatches may be analog or may digital . We use Stopwatches to find out how much time we take to

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DIGITAL STOP WATCH Group membersSyed Talha Mairaj Essay
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do any activity. Mostly we use digital version of stopwatches because it is more accurate as compared

to analog version of stopwatches and it is very easy to use .

We made this stopwatch to observe the

accuracy and reliability of it.

This Stopwatch can count approximately up to 9 minutes and 59.9 seconds . It is accurate upto 0.1

seconds . This circuit is very easy and simple to understand . The most important part of this circuit is

(multi-vibrator) which followed by 7-segment decoder stages and counter . we use voltage regulator to

convert 9 volts to 5 volts .



We choosed thir project because it covers all the aspects of our course Digital Logic Fundamentals

(DLF) . Particularly we choose it to observe and realize the working of Multivibrator and 7-segment

Decoder . Oyur aim is to implement our knowledge practically and observe that what we have learned

from this course . This stopwatch is use in small time intervals competitions . This stopwatch has several

different functions including pause which represents both start & stop , reset . I think this project will

improve our teamwork , our skills and help us to gain more experience in working together . The class

lectures was very helpful with thus project because it covered important topics such as multiplexers ,

decoders , counters and 7- segment display .

555 timer IC is used to provide the time delays, as an oscillator , and as a flipflop element .

(2) In this circuit we used 7 – segment displays for displaying the decimal numbers or numerals.

(3) 4033 IC is used in digital display . It has a 5 stage decade counter with decodr which convert

the code to a 7 – segment decoded output which can be seen by the help of 7 – segment display.




In this project we are used simple components:


7- segment common cathode 40 4 160

555-timer IC 10 1 10

4033 IC 50 4 200

voltage regulator 20 1 20

battery 9v and battery cap 60 1 60

push button & onoff button 30 1 30

capacitor 5 1 5

LED 5 1 5

resistors 10 4 10


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