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Dec 18th, 2019


Assessment 1. 1 Understand the administration of glucose in the race 1) 1. 1 Explain what ‘race glucose’ is: Race glucose is glucose in the race tide. Glucose comes from eating and digesting carbohydrates. 2) 1. 2 Relate the variety betwixt undesigning and multifold carbohydrates: Carbohydrates that subdue down stable during digestion are unconcealed as undesigning carbohydrates owing they stable quit glucose into the race tide. Carbohydrates that subdue down unwillingly are unconcealed as multifold carbohydrates owing they unwillingly quit glucose into the race tide.

3) 1. 3 Define the dispose ‘glycaemia’: Glycaemia is the closeness of glucose (sugar) in the race 4) 1. 4 Define the dispose ‘hypoglycaemia’: Hypoglycaemia is a case that arises when a specific has a low equalize of race glucose (hither than 3. 5mnol/L 5) 1. 3 Define the dispose ‘hyperglycaemia’: Hyperglycaemia is a case that arises when a specific has an irregularly violent equalize of race glucose. 6) 1. 4 Relate what ‘pre-diabetes’ is: Pre-diabetes is a pioneer to model 2 diabetes. There are no signs and symptoms-an specific simply has violent glucose equalizes.

, but these race glucose equalizes are not altogether violent plenty to be considered ample diabetes. Pre-diabetes is initially managed behind a while a hearty cheer and drill. 7) 1. 4 What are the two pre-diabetic states: a) Adulterated stableing glycaemia (IFG) b) Adulterated glucose tolerance (IGT) Assessment 1. 2 Understand the administration of insulin in the race 1) 2. 1 Which organ in the association fruits insulin: The pancreas fruits insulin. 2) 2. 1 Relate how insulin is performed: Insulin is performed by the pancreas. The pancreas secretes pancreatic juice containing digestive enzymes.

These enzymes succor to subdue down carbohydrates, protein and fat in the diminutive interior. The pancreas fruits sundry hormones-including glucose and insulin. 3) 2. 2 Explain how insulin affects race glucose equalizes: When you eat, insulin is realised into the racetide where it succors to actuate glucose from the patronage you keep eaten into cells to be used as disembodiment. Crowd who keep diabetes fruit unmomentous or no insulin hence they insufficiency to rearrange or growth insulin equalizes artificially, in dispose to and glucose precept in the race. 4) 2. 3 Relate what ‘insulin hindrance’ media:

Insulin hindrance is the insufficiency of the association to recognise and use insulin adequately. If a specific clears “insulin hindrance” they betray the power to repress race glucose effectively and hence keep irstated equalizes of race glucose and insulin. Insulin hindrance is a key indicator of model 2 diabetes. Assessment 1. 3 Understand the divergent forms of diabetes 1) 3. 1 Relate what is meant by the dispose ‘diabetes’: Diabetes befalls when a specific has too ample glucose in their race . Insulin, performed by the pancreas, regulates race glucose.

Diabetes befalls when to unmomentous or no insulin is performed or when the association is incapable to use the insulin right. There are two deep models of diabetes. Model 1: The pancreas has stopped conceding insulin. Model 2: Owing of insulin hindrance, or poor insulin. 2) 3. 2 Outline the key features of model 1 diabetes: Model 1 diabetes can clear at anytime, it usually clears in crowd inferior 30. It is ununconcealed how the case happens, but it is sentiment to befall when the association’s immune method fails and fruits an autoimmune counterpart.

In model 1 diabetes insulin product has stopped, hence injections of insulin are insufficiencyed. 3) 3. 3 Outline the key features of model 2 diabetes: Model 2 diabetes usually clears in crowd balance the age of 40. However nowadays due to childhood fatness it can befall in younger adults and progeny. In model 2 diabetes insulin product is poor or there is a hindrance to it. Cheer and drill, medication (vocal or injections) and injections of insulin are all key factors for this model. 4) 3. 4 Explain what suits model 1 diabetes: Model 1 diabetes has no unconcealed suit.

At give there is no unconcealed refresh or stoppage, but it can be managed. 5) 3. 4 Explain what suits model 2 diabetes: Model 2 diabetes befalls when the pancreas fails to fruit plenty insulin to as the association’s requirements for disembodiment, or when the insulin performed is not metabolised effectively by the cells. Cheer and drill are momentous. Model 2 diabetes is characterised by insulin imperfection, insulin hindrance and hypoglycaemia- to ample glucose in the race. 6) 3. 5 Explain how gestational diabetes befalls: Gestational diabetes befalls in delay-child woman.

During pregnancy the placenta fruits hormones that maintain and aid the clearment of the foetus. Late of these hormones are performed during the remedy and third trimester. However, this growth suits the cells to befit late firm to insulin. Gestational diabetes befalls when the pancreas is incapable to vie behind a while the growth ask-for for insulin and as a termination suits violenter race glucose equalizes. 7) 3. 6 Using vulgar websites, such as diabetes. org. uk, nhs. uk and netdoctor. co. uk dare the most new-fangled images for diabetes cases in the UK and register them under.

In the UK: Approximately how numerous crowd keep diabetes today? 2. 6 Pet How numerous are expected to clear diabetes by 2025? 4 Pet Using the internet and vulgar websites chose a determination of term in the late (e. g. 5 or 10 years ago). Indentify how numerous crowd in the UK had diabetes at that term. How keep the images newfangled past then? Past 1996 the calculate of crowd diagnosed behind a while diabetes has growthd from 1. 4 pet to 2. 6. This image has almost doubled. One infer for this may be due to the promotion calculate of balanceheaviness and pursy crowd and owing our aging population.

Assessment 1. 4 Know the miss factors of clearing model 2 diabetes 1) 4. 1 Realize ANY FIVE miss factors associated behind a while the clearment of model 2 diabetes: a) Smoking. b) Substance pursy (BMI of 30 and balance). c) Drinking too ample alcohol. d) Violent race influence and violent cholesterol. e) Lineage history/genetic harm. 2) 4. 2 relate ANY FIVE ways that an specific can lessen the miss of clearing model 2 diabetes: a) Drill daily (30 minutes or late) b) Stop smoking. c) Lessen your alcohol intake. d) Consider your patronage incaptivate and constituent sizes.

e) Consult a cheerician/nutritionist. Assessment 1. 5 Understand how diabetes is aged 1) 5. 1 Relate ANY FOUR mitigated signs and symptoms of model 1 diabetes: a) Excessive thirst- violent race glucose equalizes suit soak to actuate out of the cells into the racetide to try to impair the race. b) Blurred vision- this is due to violent glucose equalizes in the aqueous of the eyes. c) Unintentional heaviness loss- behind a whileout fluids and glucose muscles and fat stores contract. d) Increased harass and irritability- as a termination of cells losing soak and substance incapable to collect glucose from the race.

2) 5. 1 Relate ANY FOUR mitigated signs and symptoms of model 2 diabetes: a) Extreme hunger- insulin hindrance or poor insulin product affects glucose actuatement into the cells. b) Slow remedying of wounds- violent race sugar equalizes restrain colorless race cells from launched right. Wounds captivate longer to remedy as the colorless race cells are incapable to administration right. c) Frequent infections-these befall owing of a inarticulate immune method. d) Excessive thirst- violent race glucose equalizes suit soak to actuate out of the cells into the racetide to try to impair the race. 3) 5.

2 Realize methods of assessing specifics at miss of clearing model 2 diabetes (e. g. the methods used to realize the miss factors of clearing model2 diabetes) : A diagnosis of diabetes is made by a GP using a race touchstone. Tell your GP if a lineage limb has or clears a new medical case. Some stated touchstones (annually) could include: race cholesterol touchstone, BMI, race influence, eye criterionimony, touchstoneing for protein in the urine and touchstoneing for glucose in the urine. 4 5. 3 Outline the order of screening for diabetes: Diabetes is diagnosed by a remedythcare authoritative, using the terminations from a

race touchstone. If the terminations indicates a race glucose ardor of 6. 1 mmol/L or late an vocal glucose tolerance touchstone procure usually be carried out by a pathology employment. An specific would insufficiency to stable balancenight for a narrowness of 8 hours. Bloods are captivaten and then a glucose separation is abandoned to absorb. Race is then captivaten 1 and 2 hours behind the absorb and the race glucose equalizes are measured. A rate of 7. 8mmol/L to 11. 0mmol/L indicates pre-diabetes, hence the association has an adulterated glucose tolerance. A rate of 11. 1 mmol/L or late media diabetes is aged.

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